Community West Bancshares (CWBC) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $6,900,455.01
Total insider sells:
  • $5,044,534.22
Most recent insider trade:
  • June 7, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Kirk Stovesand
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
April 29, 2020CEO800$6.56Buy$5,248.00
April 28, 2020Director3,000$6.10Buy$18,300.00
March 4, 2020CEO500$10.70Buy$5,350.00
March 2, 2020Director271$11.20Buy$3,035.20
Feb. 3, 2020CEO100$11.31Buy$1,131.00
Jan. 30, 2020CEO500$11.35Buy$5,675.00
Dec. 2, 2019Director282$10.69Buy$3,014.58
Sept. 16, 2019Director1,917$9.75Buy$18,690.75
Sept. 11, 2019Director814$9.75Buy$7,936.50
Sept. 3, 2019Director307$9.77Buy$2,999.39
Aug. 23, 2019Director6,763$9.69Buy$65,533.47
Aug. 21, 2019Director3,263$9.70Buy$31,651.10
Aug. 13, 2019Director500$9.67Buy$4,835.00
July 31, 2019CEO500$9.83Buy$4,915.00
June 17, 2019CEO500$9.85Buy$4,925.00
June 14, 2019Director22$9.73Buy$214.06
June 12, 2019CEO500$9.87Buy$4,935.00
June 10, 2019CEO500$9.77Buy$4,885.00
June 7, 2019Director1,000$9.75Buy$9,750.00
June 5, 2019CEO500$9.92Buy$4,960.00
June 3, 2019Director1,000$9.90Buy$9,900.00
June 3, 2019CEO500$10.12Buy$5,060.00
June 3, 2019Major Shareholder245,224$19.99Buy$4,902,027.76
May 31, 2019CEO500$10.07Buy$5,035.00
May 22, 2019Director1,000$9.95Buy$9,950.00
May 17, 2019CEO1,000$10.18Buy$10,180.00
March 1, 2019Director263$10.29Buy$2,706.27
Feb. 19, 2019Director20,000$10.37Sell$207,400.00
Feb. 1, 2019Insider1,000$10.30Buy$10,300.00
Jan. 30, 2019CEO500$10.08Buy$5,040.00
Dec. 11, 2018Director10,000$10.65Sell$106,500.00
Dec. 3, 2018Director229$11.74Buy$2,688.46
Sept. 11, 2018Director1,430$12.00Sell$17,160.00
Sept. 6, 2018Director3,491$12.30Sell$42,939.30
Sept. 4, 2018Director203$12.30Buy$2,496.90
Aug. 2, 2018Director40$12.00Buy$480.00
June 6, 2018CEO215$11.55Buy$2,483.25
June 1, 2018Director417$11.43Buy$4,766.31
May 2, 2018CEO21,785$11.59Buy$252,488.15
March 1, 2018Director174$11.33Buy$1,971.42
Feb. 6, 2018Director650$11.70Buy$7,605.00
Feb. 1, 2018Director5,000$12.05Sell$60,250.00
Dec. 1, 2017Director185$10.46Buy$1,935.10
Nov. 28, 2017Director12,690$10.31Sell$130,833.90
Nov. 7, 2017Director380$10.41Buy$3,955.80
Sept. 7, 2017Director2,500$10.29Buy$25,725.00
Sept. 1, 2017Director186$10.28Buy$1,912.08
Aug. 21, 2017Director40,000$10.25Sell$410,000.00
Aug. 14, 2017Insider6,090$10.25Sell$62,422.50
Aug. 10, 2017Director250$10.25Buy$2,562.50
  • Insiders are both buying and selling Community West Bancshares stock.

  • The insider traders at Community West Bancshares are: Kirk Stovesand, William R Peeples, Martin E Plourd, Robert Bartlein, Charles G Baltuskonis, Eric Onnen, John D Illgen, Suzanne Marie Chadwick, Shereef Moharram, William F Filippin, William R. Peeples, Dana L Boutain, James W Lokey, Martin E. Plourd, Steven A Rosso, Timothy Joseph Stronks, William F. Filippin, Tom Dobyns, Fifth Street Station Llc, Anthony Kenneth Ramos, Kristine Price, and Charles G. Baltuskonis

  • The most active insider trader at Community West Bancshares is Kirk Stovesand with 49 trades.

  • William R Peeples has sold the most Community West Bancshares stock with a total value of $3,843,429.28.

  • Fifth Street Station Llc has bought the most Community West Bancshares stock with a total value of $9,804,055.52.

  • The most recent insider trade for Community West Bancshares was on June 7, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Community West Bancshares was from Fifth Street Station Llc with a total value of $4,902,027.76 on June 3, 2019.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Community West Bancshares was from William R Peeples with a total value of $442,857.40 on Nov. 4, 2016.