Community West Bancshares (CWBC) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $6,643,791.85
Total insider sells:
  • $5,044,534.22
Most recent insider trade:
  • March 1, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Kirk Stovesand
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
March 1, 2024Director472$14.49Buy$6,839.28
Dec. 1, 2023Director490$13.90Buy$6,811.00
Nov. 14, 2023Director4,534$13.20Buy$59,848.80
June 1, 2023Director12$11.40Buy$136.80
May 18, 2023CEO25$10.37Buy$259.25
May 16, 2023Director1,491$10.56Buy$15,744.96
May 10, 2023Director2,000$10.82Sell$21,640.00
May 8, 2023Director8,000$11.04Buy$88,320.00
May 5, 2023Director2,000$11.06Buy$22,120.00
Feb. 1, 2023Director2,787$14.72Sell$41,024.64
Dec. 1, 2022Director417$14.92Buy$6,221.64
Sept. 8, 2022CEO350$14.15Buy$4,952.50
Aug. 9, 2022Director30$14.28Buy$428.40
Aug. 4, 2022CEO300$13.70Buy$4,110.00
Aug. 4, 2022Director3,500$13.65Sell$47,775.00
June 14, 2022Director5,000$3.25Buy$16,250.00
June 1, 2022Director448$13.69Buy$6,133.12
May 3, 2022Director11,000$9.56Buy$105,160.00
March 17, 2022COO1,500$14.02Buy$21,030.00
March 1, 2022Director366$13.69Buy$5,010.54
Dec. 2, 2021Director378$13.08Buy$4,944.24
Nov. 26, 2021Director660$12.80Buy$8,448.00
Nov. 16, 2021Director20$12.99Buy$259.80
Nov. 5, 2021Director1,000$13.05Buy$13,050.00
Sept. 14, 2021Director1,022$12.99Buy$13,275.78
Sept. 2, 2021CEO300$13.50Buy$4,050.00
Sept. 1, 2021Director363$13.52Buy$4,907.76
Aug. 30, 2021Director400$13.50Buy$5,400.00
Aug. 27, 2021Director801$13.69Buy$10,965.69
Aug. 25, 2021Director540$13.50Buy$7,290.00
Aug. 17, 2021Director250$13.90Buy$3,475.00
Aug. 13, 2021Director30$14.07Buy$422.10
Aug. 6, 2021CEO300$13.60Buy$4,080.00
June 2, 2021Director363$12.92Buy$4,689.96
March 11, 2021CEO250$12.47Buy$3,117.50
March 3, 2021Director1,000$10.27Buy$10,270.00
March 1, 2021Director360$10.24Buy$3,686.40
Dec. 1, 2020Director324$8.59Buy$2,783.16
Nov. 13, 2020Director5,943$8.25Sell$49,029.75
Sept. 1, 2020Director306$8.22Buy$2,515.32
June 1, 2020Director357$7.00Buy$2,499.00
June 1, 2020COO1,000$6.61Buy$6,610.00
May 21, 2020Director1,000$6.30Buy$6,300.00
May 13, 2020Director7,000$6.58Buy$46,060.00
May 11, 2020Director43$6.65Buy$285.95
May 6, 2020Director20$6.67Buy$133.40
April 29, 2020CEO800$6.56Buy$5,248.00
April 28, 2020Director3,000$6.10Buy$18,300.00
March 4, 2020CEO500$10.70Buy$5,350.00
March 2, 2020Director271$11.20Buy$3,035.20
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Community West Bancshares stock.

  • The insider traders at Community West Bancshares are: Kirk Stovesand, William R Peeples, Martin E Plourd, Robert Bartlein, Charles G Baltuskonis, Eric Onnen, John D Illgen, Suzanne Marie Chadwick, William F Filippin, Shereef Moharram, William R. Peeples, Dana L Boutain, James W Lokey, Martin E. Plourd, Steven A Rosso, Timothy Joseph Stronks, William F. Filippin, Kristine Price, Charles G. Baltuskonis, Fifth Street Station Llc, and Tom Dobyns

  • The most active insider trader at Community West Bancshares is Kirk Stovesand with 47 trades.

  • William R Peeples has sold the most Community West Bancshares stock with a total value of $3,843,429.28.

  • Fifth Street Station Llc has bought the most Community West Bancshares stock with a total value of $9,804,055.52.

  • The most recent insider trade for Community West Bancshares was on March 1, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Community West Bancshares was from Fifth Street Station Llc with a total value of $4,902,027.76 on June 3, 2019.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Community West Bancshares was from William R Peeples with a total value of $442,857.40 on Nov. 4, 2016.