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CoreStreet PIVMAN for TWIC

Proven mobile identity verification solution facilitates compliance with TWIC regulations and mandates

The CoreStreet PIVMAN for TWIC Solution provides maritime and transportation facilities the ability to quickly and easily verify Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards presented for access to facilities. The solution is one of the many CoreStreet PIVMAN Suite of products that authenticate and validate FIPS 201-compliant or compatible cards. Furthermore, the suite allows integration with existing or planned Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) such as Lenel OnGuard®, making it a safe investment.

The CoreStreet PIVMAN for TWIC Solution consists of a stand-alone portable TWIC reader running the CoreStreet PIVMAN Client software. The device reads the TWIC card and uses the TSA TWIC hotlist to determine the most current validity status of the card.

The CoreStreet PIVMAN Client is the software of choice for over half of the portable devices on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ICE list for TWIC readers.

Supported Credential Types

The CoreStreet PIVMAN for TWIC Solution can be upgraded to support authentication and validation of the following credential types:
• Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card
• DoD Common Access Card: CAC, CAC NG, CAC PIV
• First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC)
• Legacy HID Proximity Card
• AAMVA compliant driver’s licenses

Supported Handheld Devices

The CoreStreet PIVMAN for TWIC Solution is available on several Windows®-based handheld devices and has been certified for:
• Be.U Mobile SMC-800 from Cross Match Technologies
• DSV2+TURBO from Datastrip
• iDLMax from the MaxID Group
• MC70 from Motorola
• DAP CE3240B / BWE from Roper Mobile Technologies

For more information on those handheld devices click here.

Solution / Product Information

• Datasheet: CoreStreet PIVMAN Client
• Application Note: Maritime Transportation Security
• Solution Overview: CoreStreet PIVMAN for Lenel

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