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CoreStreet PKI Toolkits

The CoreStreet PKI Toolkit, available for both the C and C++ languages and the Java platform, is intended to help public key-enable your applications.

The toolkits provide support for the Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (“SCVP”), Online Certificate Status Protocol (“OCSP”), and certification path validation algorithm.

Notes on the toolkits

  • For OCSP, the implementation conforms to IETF OCSP specification RFC 2560.
  • For SCVP, the implementation conforms to the IETF SCVP specification RFC 5055 and supports both delegated path discovery and delegated path validation.
    With delegated path discovery, the relying party software uses SCVP to discover certification paths and the associated revocation information, but path validation is done locally. This improves both security and performance for end users.
  • The path validation algorithm implementation is fully compliant with RFC 3280 section 6 and also contains support for the SCVP keyUsages and extendedKeyUsages validation checks.
  • The CoreStreet PKI Toolkit, Java edition, is provided as a JAR file with associated JavaDoc documentation.

Please contact CoreStreet, or your CoreStreet representative if you are interested in acquiring the toolkits.