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CoreStreet provides support for products purchased directly from CoreStreet. As described below, annual support subscriptions include product updates and upgrades, with three choices of response time and availability.

Note: If you purchased your product from another company (such as an OEM, VAR, or SI), please contact them for information on technical support and product upgrades.


  • Product Updates — Bug fixes and minor enhancements
  • Product Upgrades — Major new features and functionality
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • Incident Response — The annual subscription fee depends on which of these three levels is selected:
    1. E-mail and Web support — Response to unlimited incident requests via e-mail and support website.
    2. Dedicated phone support during the business week (14 x 5) from an engineer who follows the incident through to resolution.
    3. Dedicated phone support around the clock (24 x 7 x 365) — Fastest response time and greatest availability.


If you purchased your product directly from CoreStreet, contact your CoreStreet representative for more information.