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CoreStreet Server Validation Extension

The CoreStreet Server Validation Extension (SerVE) provides the means for an application server to validate the status of a digital certificate when a client requests access to a secure web application.

The CoreStreet SerVE acts as a liaison between the requesting client, a responder containing the most recent certificate status, and the requested web application. To establish the validity of a certificate, the CoreStreet SerVE requests current certificate status from a responder. The responder then returns an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) response, establishing the certificate's status. Finally, the application server permits or denies the client access to the requested secure page.

The CoreStreet Server Validation Extension has been designed to complement CoreStreet's Distributed OCSP infrastructure. When used in concert, the two technologies dramatically decrease response times while providing increased security, scalability and availability over first generation OCSP implementations.

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