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CoreStreet Responder Appliance 2400D

The CoreStreet Responder Appliance 2400D represents a unique turnkey solution dedicated to providing high security OCSP certificate validation responses. Consisting of only the most essential software processes and requiring minimal technical knowledge to install, the Responder Appliance 2400D addresses many of the concerns associated with certificate validation infrastructure, such as IT costs and support issues.

Responder Appliance 2400

Designed and pre-configured for the CoreStreet Validation Authority, the CoreStreet Responder Appliance 2400D serves as a local cache for CoreStreet's pre-signed OCSP responses. Each response is stored and then sent out to the local relying party making the validation request. By placing the CoreStreet Responder Appliance 2400D near the end user, response times drop to mere fractions of a second while preserving the highest level of security. The Responder Appliance is listed on the GSA FIPS 201 APL in the OCSP Responder category as Approved Product #360.  The GSA FIPS 201 APL Part Number for the Responder Appliance is VA-RA2400.

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