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The PIVMAN™ System for Secure ID Checking

Immediate, mobile privilege validation of millions of cardholders, even without network connectivity.

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The PIVMAN System consists of server software and handheld devices designed to allow authorized personnel the ability to control access to any site with confidence by quickly authenticating and validating the roles and identities of individuals wishing to enter an area.

With the PIVMAN System, information on a very large number of individuals-well into the hundreds of millions-can be managed without affecting performance, and without requiring a persistent connection to a data source.

These capabilities are critical in emergencies, such as homeland security incidents or natural disasters, that require the support of various federal, state, and local agencies, as well as private organizations.

Faced with such a large and diverse group, accurate and efficient access control is very challenging. With the PIVMAN System, individual cardholder privileges and identities are drawn from existing independent databases and published to PIVMAN Handhelds and other PIVMAN devices in a secure, highly compressed format.

As a result, when someone presents their smart card, the information on it is validated and the privileges displayed to the person charged with controlling access. This ensures that, even when all networks are down, the right people are able to gain access at the right time.

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