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CoreStreet FIPS-201 Access Control

Access control solutions to enable compliance with HSPD-12 and adherence to NIST's FIPS 201 standard and relevant Special Publications.

The CoreStreet FIPS-201 and CoreStreet PIVMAN Suite of products permits government agencies, both defense and intelligence as well as civilian, to fulfill the requirements of HSPD-12 and FIPS 201, and fully integrate the DoD's CAC cards and the newly issued PIV credentials for both fixed and mobile access control.

CoreStreet FIPS-201 End-User Products

  • CoreStreet provides a number of products enabling physical access control in accordance to the FIPS 201 standard, both for fixed as well as mobile smart card readers:

  • Fixed readers - the CoreStreet FIPS-201 F5 solution, allows for the upgrade of existing PACS systems without requiring replacement of or significant modifications to the existing system
  • Mobile readers - the CoreStreet PIVMAN solution allows for the mobile authentication and validation of PIV compliant or compatible cardholders. In addition, the CoreStreet PIVMAN for Lenel solution allows for integration with Lenel' OnGuard® Security Management Platform.
  • Enrollment - the CoreStreet FIPS-201 F5 Enroller allows for the enrollment of smart card credentials into the system

CoreStreet FIPS-201 Developer Bundles

CoreStreet offers two software integration bundles designed to provide the tools for physical access control industry companies to CoreStreet-Enable™ their products with FIPS 201 functionality.

If you are interested in adding FIPS-201 technology to your product offering please click here.

CoreStreet-Enabled™ Products from Partners and OEMs

Examples of CoreStreet-Enabled™ physical access products developed using the CoreStreet FIPS-201 Head-end or Device Developer Bundles include:

  • Kaba E-Plex 5800 series locks and controllers
  • Hirsch Electronics' Velocity Security Management System and RUU Verification Station
  • BridgePoint TRUSTPOINT (cryptographic) readers

For more information on these CoreStreet-Enabled solutions from CoreStreet partners, click here.

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