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Card-Connected™ Access Control

A breakthrough new electronic locking system that integrates seamlessly with PACS to provide electronic access control at a fraction of the cost of traditional wired doors

Card-Connected access control uses strong cryptography to extend central access control to standalone doors and mobile locks, at a fraction of the cost of wired doors. Within a CoreStreet-Enabled™ access control system, standalone electronic locks and physical access control systems communicate by reading and writing digitally signed data (privileges and logs) to and from smart cards. In this way, cardholders become an extension of the physical access network, where cards, instead of wires, carry information to and from the standalone locks.

Organizations Worldwide: Benefit from Card-Connected solutions

Card-Connected solutions are available for use with Lenel OnGuard. If you have or plan to upgrade to Lenel OnGuard, adding Card-Connected locks to your facilities or remote sites is simple:

If you are currently using proximity (125 kHz) cards for access control, smart card readers are available to read both proximity and smart cards. This eases the transition to smart cards and supports organizations that plan to maintain a card population with both card types.

If you are interested in Card-Connected solutions and have a PACS other than Lenel OnGuard, watch this website for updates or contact CoreStreet at for the latest on new releases.

Learn more about who can assist you in implementing Card-Connected solutions.

Physical Security Vendors: Add Card-Connected technology to your products

CoreStreet offers two software integration bundles designed to provide the tools for physical access control industry companies to CoreStreet-Enable™ their products.

  • CoreStreet Card-Connected Head-end Developer Bundle - for PACS vendors or their system integrators
  • CoreStreet Card-Connected Device Developer Bundle - for access control device manufacturers (e.g. locks and readers)

Learn more about adding Card-Connected technology to your product offering.

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