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FIPS 201 Compliance

As mandated by FIPS 201, Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) must provide OCSP for certificate validation. Doing so requires a Validation Authority and a distributed network of responders. CoreStreetís Validation Infrastructure products are standards-based and designed to meet the requirements of FIPS 201 by validating credentials of organizations of any size in fractions of a second, establishing trust for a variety of critical applications.

The CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution (FIPS 201 Approved)

The CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution allows those on the frontlines to check the status and privileges associated with any FIPS 201-compliant credential. Anywhere. Even without network connectivity.

CoreStreet Validation Authority (FIPS 201 approved)

The CoreStreet Validation Authority provides the most secure method for fast and cost-effective digital certificate validation regardless of transaction volume or deployment size.

CoreStreet Responder Appliance 2400D (FIPS 201 approved)

The CoreStreet Responder Appliance 2400D is an security hardened, keyless, OCSP responder designed for local and tactical deployment. It is optimized for maximum performance and availability.

CoreStreet Path Builder (FIPS 201 approved)

The CoreStreet Path Builder performs path discover and certificate validation for bridged environments.

CoreStreet FIPS-201 F5 Solution

The CoreStreet FIPS-201 F5 Solution enables government agencies to upgrade their existing PACS system for the verification of PIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC cards without requiring the replacement or significant modification of the existing system.

For more information on FIPS 201 Evaluation Program, please visit the GSA's FIPS 201 Evaluation Program website.

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