SunCoke Energy Inc (SXC) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $7,644,333.08
Total insider sells:
  • $16,595,980.00
Most recent insider trade:
  • Aug. 13, 2021
Most active insider trader:
  • Mangrove Partners Fund (Cayman
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Aug. 13, 2021SVP19,883$7.40Sell$147,134.20
April 29, 2021Director7,200$6.95Buy$50,040.00
March 10, 2020SVP3,000$3.29Buy$9,870.00
Nov. 19, 2019Director5,300$4.98Buy$26,394.00
Aug. 14, 2019Director15,974$5.91Buy$94,406.34
Nov. 30, 2017Insider4,444$11.37Sell$50,528.28
Sept. 12, 2017Director20,000$8.76Sell$175,200.00
Sept. 8, 2017Director11,715$9.09Sell$106,489.35
July 10, 2017Major Shareholder86,605$11.00Sell$952,655.00
July 7, 2017Major Shareholder10,658$11.00Sell$117,238.00
July 6, 2017Major Shareholder265,742$11.06Sell$2,939,106.52
July 5, 2017Major Shareholder41,131$11.01Sell$452,852.31
July 3, 2017Major Shareholder45,900$11.03Sell$506,277.00
June 30, 2017Major Shareholder5,530$11.00Sell$60,830.00
June 29, 2017Major Shareholder215,157$11.01Sell$2,368,878.57
June 28, 2017Major Shareholder179,828$11.22Sell$2,017,670.16
May 9, 2017Insider10,000$8.08Buy$80,800.00
March 24, 2017Major Shareholder7,893$8.25Buy$65,117.25
March 17, 2017Major Shareholder200$10.30Sell$2,060.00
March 16, 2017Major Shareholder284,484$10.11Sell$2,876,133.24
March 2, 2017Major Shareholder100,500$10.06Sell$1,011,030.00
Feb. 22, 2017Major Shareholder168,579$10.03Sell$1,690,847.37
Feb. 17, 2017Major Shareholder59,667$10.00Sell$596,670.00
Feb. 16, 2017Major Shareholder52,438$10.00Sell$524,380.00
Aug. 1, 2016Major Shareholder215,517$7.20Buy$1,551,722.40
July 28, 2016Major Shareholder291,478$6.98Buy$2,034,516.44
Jan. 27, 2016Major Shareholder262,712$2.35Buy$617,373.20
Jan. 22, 2016Major Shareholder2,400$2.30Buy$5,520.00
Jan. 20, 2016Major Shareholder245,563$2.13Buy$523,049.19
Jan. 19, 2016Major Shareholder91,580$2.20Buy$201,476.00
Jan. 15, 2016Major Shareholder243,259$2.34Buy$569,226.06
Jan. 14, 2016Major Shareholder111,242$2.47Buy$274,767.74
Jan. 12, 2016Major Shareholder45,100$2.39Buy$107,789.00
Dec. 17, 2015Major Shareholder10,800$2.97Buy$32,076.00
Dec. 16, 2015Major Shareholder500$2.90Buy$1,450.00
Dec. 14, 2015Major Shareholder200,000$2.89Buy$578,000.00
July 22, 2015CEO6,150$12.20Buy$75,030.00
July 22, 2015Director8,200$12.26Buy$100,532.00
Feb. 10, 2015Director21,100$16.82Buy$354,902.00
Feb. 5, 2015CFO2,475$16.14Buy$39,946.50
Feb. 3, 2015CEO3,209$15.48Buy$49,675.32
June 2, 2014CEO1,062$20.22Buy$21,473.64
April 26, 2013CEO2,000$14.67Buy$29,340.00
Dec. 13, 2012COO6,500$15.40Buy$100,100.00
Oct. 31, 2012CEO3,000$16.58Buy$49,740.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling SunCoke Energy Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at SunCoke Energy Inc are: Mangrove Partners Fund (Cayman, Frederick A Henderson, James E Sweetnam, Mangrove Partners Master Fund,, Phillip Michael Hardesty, Ratta Ralph M Della Jr, Fay West, Robert J Darnall, Gary P Yeaw, John W Rowe, Katherine T Gates, and Michael J Thomson

  • The most active insider trader at SunCoke Energy Inc is Mangrove Partners Fund (Cayman with 25 trades.

  • Mangrove Partners Fund (Cayman has sold the most SunCoke Energy Inc stock with a total value of $16,616,430.86.

  • Mangrove Partners Fund (Cayman has bought the most SunCoke Energy Inc stock with a total value of $6,425,724.53.

  • The most recent insider trade for SunCoke Energy Inc was on Aug. 13, 2021.

  • The single biggest insider buy for SunCoke Energy Inc was from Mangrove Partners Fund (Cayman with a total value of $2,034,516.44 on July 28, 2016.

  • The single biggest insider sell for SunCoke Energy Inc was from Mangrove Partners Fund (Cayman with a total value of $2,939,106.52 on July 6, 2017.