Summit Materials Inc (SUM) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $4,028,383.50
Total insider sells:
  • $942,732,907.42
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 13, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Thomas W Hill
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 13, 2024Insider50,589$40.21Sell$2,034,183.69
Nov. 15, 2021Director4,098$41.11Sell$168,468.78
Nov. 8, 2021Director5,137$37.99Sell$195,154.63
June 15, 2021Director82,500$34.53Sell$2,848,725.00
March 18, 2021Director7,000$27.64Sell$193,480.00
Dec. 18, 2020Director5,100$19.66Buy$100,266.00
Nov. 2, 2020Insider8,250$18.48Sell$152,460.00
Sept. 4, 2020CEO66,000$15.24Buy$1,005,840.00
May 26, 2020Insider6,593$14.75Sell$97,246.75
Nov. 19, 2019CFO30,000$23.75Sell$712,500.00
Nov. 15, 2019Insider3,011$23.20Sell$69,855.20
Nov. 4, 2019CFO30,000$23.60Sell$708,000.00
Nov. 1, 2019Insider344,231$23.60Sell$8,123,851.60
Nov. 1, 2019Director7,809$22.94Sell$179,138.46
Feb. 15, 2019CEO31,250$16.25Buy$507,812.50
Dec. 10, 2018CFO2,000$13.00Buy$26,000.00
Dec. 4, 2018CFO2,000$13.38Buy$26,760.00
Nov. 19, 2018Insider10,000$13.97Buy$139,700.00
Nov. 8, 2018CFO5,000$14.12Buy$70,600.00
Aug. 3, 2018COO35,500$21.15Buy$750,825.00
July 19, 2018CEO12,500$26.10Sell$326,250.00
July 3, 2018CEO12,500$26.27Sell$328,375.00
June 20, 2018CEO12,500$27.62Sell$345,250.00
June 7, 2018CEO12,500$27.41Sell$342,625.00
May 22, 2018CEO12,500$28.99Sell$362,375.00
May 10, 2018CEO12,500$29.54Sell$369,250.00
April 27, 2018CEO12,500$28.56Sell$357,000.00
April 12, 2018CEO12,500$29.30Sell$366,250.00
March 27, 2018CEO12,500$30.28Sell$378,500.00
March 16, 2018CEO447,959$31.02Sell$13,895,688.18
March 13, 2018CEO12,500$31.87Sell$398,375.00
March 5, 2018Insider10,000$32.57Sell$325,700.00
March 1, 2018Director30,000$32.01Sell$960,300.00
Feb. 27, 2018Insider26,167$32.32Sell$845,717.44
Feb. 27, 2018CEO6,300$32.04Sell$201,852.00
Feb. 20, 2018Director7,657$32.43Sell$248,316.51
Feb. 16, 2018Director5,000$32.62Sell$163,100.00
Feb. 9, 2018Insider12,500$28.85Sell$360,625.00
Jan. 23, 2018Insider12,500$31.53Sell$394,125.00
Jan. 22, 2018CEO6,300$31.04Sell$195,552.00
Jan. 11, 2018Insider12,500$31.24Sell$390,500.00
Dec. 21, 2017Insider12,500$30.25Sell$378,125.00
Dec. 11, 2017EVP115,118$31.75Sell$3,654,996.50
Dec. 7, 2017Insider12,500$30.84Sell$385,500.00
Nov. 22, 2017Insider12,500$29.80Sell$372,500.00
Nov. 9, 2017Insider12,500$30.26Sell$378,250.00
Nov. 1, 2017Insider26,324$31.36Sell$825,520.64
Oct. 24, 2017Insider12,500$32.12Sell$401,500.00
Oct. 4, 2017Insider12,500$32.11Sell$401,375.00
Sept. 22, 2017Insider12,500$31.56Sell$394,500.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Summit Materials Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Summit Materials Inc are: Thomas W Hill, Brian James Harris, Anne Lee Benedict, Douglas Charles Rauh, John Raymond Murphy, Damian John Murphy, Ted A Gardner, Mikel Shane Evans, Michael John Brady, Thomas A Beck, Thomas W. Hill, Howard L Lance, Holdings L.P. Blackstone II, Joseph S Cantie, Jason Kilgore, Ted A. Gardner, Blackstone Capital Partners (D, Anne P Noonan, Karl Watson, and Anne K Wade

  • The most active insider trader at Summit Materials Inc is Thomas W Hill with 60 trades.

  • Holdings L.P. Blackstone II has sold the most Summit Materials Inc stock with a total value of $971,972,901.96.

  • Anne P Noonan has bought the most Summit Materials Inc stock with a total value of $2,011,680.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Summit Materials Inc was on May 13, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Summit Materials Inc was from Anne P Noonan with a total value of $1,005,840.00 on Sept. 4, 2020.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Summit Materials Inc was from Holdings L.P. Blackstone II with a total value of $359,799,160.14 on Nov. 16, 2016.