Southern Company (SO) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $943,624.89
Total insider sells:
  • $475,630,740.37
Most recent insider trade:
  • July 5, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Stephen E Kuczynski
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
July 5, 2024CEO6,900$77.61Sell$535,509.00
July 3, 2024EVP12,000$77.61Sell$931,320.00
May 21, 2024U.S. Congress Member <small>(R-GA)</small>0$79.77Buy$0.00
May 1, 2024CEO9,126$75.04Sell$684,815.04
March 11, 2024CEO5,000$68.92Sell$344,600.00
Feb. 12, 2024CEO5,000$66.94Sell$334,700.00
Feb. 6, 2024EVP899$67.06Sell$60,286.94
Jan. 17, 2024Insider10,099$69.96Sell$706,526.04
Jan. 10, 2024CEO5,000$71.99Sell$359,950.00
Dec. 11, 2023CEO5,000$71.23Sell$356,150.00
Nov. 16, 2023Insider10,000$69.39Sell$693,900.00
Nov. 10, 2023CEO5,000$68.39Sell$341,950.00
Oct. 10, 2023CEO5,000$66.00Sell$330,000.00
Sept. 11, 2023CEO5,000$67.83Sell$339,150.00
Sept. 5, 2023EVP1,490$67.05Sell$99,904.50
Aug. 29, 2023EVP5,000$68.30Sell$341,500.00
Aug. 10, 2023CEO5,000$69.70Sell$348,500.00
July 21, 2023CEO20,000$72.62Sell$1,452,400.00
July 10, 2023CEO5,000$70.58Sell$352,900.00
June 12, 2023CEO5,000$71.48Sell$357,400.00
June 9, 2023Director50,000$70.76Sell$3,538,000.00
June 5, 2023Insider10,000$70.05Sell$700,500.00
June 5, 2023CEO47,326$69.78Sell$3,302,408.28
June 1, 2023EVP1,435$69.99Sell$100,435.65
May 10, 2023EVP27,426$75.11Sell$2,059,966.86
May 10, 2023CEO50,000$75.16Sell$3,758,000.00
May 8, 2023EVP9,491$75.03Sell$712,109.73
April 10, 2023CEO5,000$71.89Sell$359,450.00
Feb. 16, 2023EVP1,282$66.60Sell$85,381.20
Feb. 8, 2023EVP852$67.31Sell$57,348.12
Jan. 10, 2023CEO14,546$70.95Sell$1,032,038.70
Dec. 7, 2022EVP1,475$68.35Sell$100,816.25
Oct. 10, 2022CEO14,500$64.52Sell$935,540.00
Sept. 8, 2022CEO14,500$79.47Sell$1,152,315.00
July 29, 2022EVP25,000$76.00Sell$1,900,000.00
July 5, 2022CEO14,500$72.92Sell$1,057,340.00
May 10, 2022CEO14,500$74.58Sell$1,081,410.00
April 8, 2022CEO14,500$75.97Sell$1,101,565.00
April 8, 2022EVP26,917$75.96Sell$2,044,615.32
April 6, 2022CEO40,419$75.30Sell$3,043,550.70
March 31, 2022CEO96,990$72.71Sell$7,052,142.90
March 25, 2022CEO100,005$70.05Sell$7,005,350.25
March 21, 2022CEO14,500$68.29Sell$990,205.00
March 4, 2022Insider7,500$67.47Sell$506,025.00
March 1, 2022EVP2,000$64.73Sell$129,460.00
Feb. 25, 2022Insider20,656$65.00Sell$1,342,640.00
Feb. 23, 2022EVP909$63.61Sell$57,821.49
Feb. 16, 2022EVP874$65.07Sell$56,871.18
Feb. 16, 2022Insider4,746$65.07Sell$308,822.22
Feb. 10, 2022CEO2,500$67.80Sell$169,500.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Southern Company stock.

  • The insider traders at Southern Company are: Stephen E Kuczynski, Ann P Daiss, Christopher C Womack, James Y Kerr II, Christopher Cummiskey, Kimberly S Greene, Art P Beattie, Mark Lantrip, William P Bowers, Mark A Crosswhite, Martin Bernard Davis, Stan W Connally, Thomas A Fanning, Bryan D Anderson, David P Poroch, Anthony L Wilson, G Edison Holland, Art P. Beattie, Christopher C. Womack, Ann Daiss, Kimberly S. Greene, E Jenner Wood III, Anthony F Earley Jr, David J Grain, W Ron Hinson, Ann P. Daiss, Bryan D. Anderson, Christopher Womack, Daniel S Tucker, Ernest J Moniz, Henry A Clark III, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mark A. Crosswhite, Mark Crosswhite, Sloane N Drake, Stan Connally, Stan W. Connally, Stephen E. Kuczynski, and Susan N Story

  • The most active insider trader at Southern Company is Stephen E Kuczynski with 49 trades.

  • Thomas A Fanning has sold the most Southern Company stock with a total value of $187,691,504.51.

  • David J Grain has bought the most Southern Company stock with a total value of $822,600.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Southern Company was on July 5, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Southern Company was from David J Grain with a total value of $411,300.00 on Nov. 1, 2013.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Southern Company was from Thomas A Fanning with a total value of $130,168,772.01 on Dec. 19, 2019.