Performance Food Group Co (PFGC) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $2,229,401.27
Total insider sells:
  • $1,417,898,931.05
Most recent insider trade:
  • Nov. 20, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Patrick T Hagerty
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Nov. 20, 2023Director955$62.76Sell$59,935.80
Oct. 30, 2023Insider2,000$55.62Sell$111,240.00
Sept. 29, 2023Insider2,000$59.23Sell$118,460.00
Aug. 29, 2023Insider2,000$61.85Sell$123,700.00
July 31, 2023Insider2,000$59.76Sell$119,520.00
June 29, 2023Insider2,000$59.63Sell$119,260.00
May 30, 2023Insider2,000$55.91Sell$111,820.00
May 15, 2023Insider2,680$60.06Sell$160,960.80
March 1, 2023Insider500$56.31Sell$28,155.00
Feb. 13, 2023Insider970$59.81Sell$58,015.70
Feb. 1, 2023Insider500$61.26Sell$30,630.00
Jan. 3, 2023Insider500$58.73Sell$29,365.00
Dec. 1, 2022Insider500$61.01Sell$30,505.00
Nov. 23, 2022Director3,000$59.46Sell$178,380.00
Nov. 23, 2022Insider4,210$59.65Sell$251,126.50
Nov. 1, 2022Insider500$52.35Sell$26,175.00
Oct. 3, 2022Insider500$43.58Sell$21,790.00
Aug. 25, 2022Insider32,904$51.56Sell$1,696,530.24
Aug. 1, 2022Insider500$49.66Sell$24,830.00
July 1, 2022Insider500$45.94Sell$22,970.00
June 1, 2022Insider500$43.39Sell$21,695.00
May 2, 2022Insider500$49.48Sell$24,740.00
April 1, 2022Insider500$51.06Sell$25,530.00
Feb. 16, 2022Insider10,000$52.87Sell$528,700.00
Feb. 9, 2022Insider3,983$50.90Sell$202,734.70
Feb. 1, 2022Insider500$42.29Sell$21,145.00
Jan. 3, 2022Insider500$46.24Sell$23,120.00
Dec. 1, 2021Insider500$41.37Sell$20,685.00
Nov. 29, 2021Insider10,000$41.83Sell$418,300.00
Nov. 22, 2021Director1,141$44.91Sell$51,242.31
Nov. 10, 2021Insider2,989$50.06Sell$149,629.34
Nov. 1, 2021Insider500$45.36Sell$22,680.00
Oct. 4, 2021Insider500$48.66Sell$24,330.00
Sept. 10, 2021Director2,000$44.71Buy$89,420.00
Sept. 2, 2021Insider10,000$49.17Sell$491,700.00
Aug. 26, 2021Insider32,177$46.30Sell$1,489,795.10
Nov. 11, 2020Insider7,000$42.76Sell$299,320.00
Nov. 9, 2020Director5,000$46.62Sell$233,100.00
Nov. 9, 2020Insider3,882$46.77Sell$181,561.14
Oct. 13, 2020Insider66,481$38.78Sell$2,578,133.18
Sept. 18, 2020Insider10,000$39.23Sell$392,300.00
Aug. 28, 2020Insider10,000$36.54Sell$365,400.00
Aug. 25, 2020Director3,000$32.62Buy$97,860.00
Feb. 28, 2020Director2,000$41.86Buy$83,720.00
Feb. 10, 2020Director4,000$53.57Buy$214,280.00
Feb. 7, 2020Director3,987$52.46Buy$209,158.02
Nov. 19, 2019Insider14,682$44.87Sell$658,781.34
Oct. 7, 2019Insider17,009$43.91Sell$746,865.19
Sept. 3, 2019Insider7,000$46.57Sell$325,990.00
Aug. 16, 2019Insider7,879$45.27Sell$356,682.33
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Performance Food Group Co stock.

  • The insider traders at Performance Food Group Co are: Patrick T Hagerty, George L Holm, Craig Howard Hoskins, James D Hope, Matthew C Flanigan, Christine R Vlahcevic, Carol A O'connell, Kimberly Grant, Blackstone Capital Partners V, Holdings L.P. Blackstone III, Patrick T. Hagerty, Terry A West, Wellspring Capital Partners Iv, William F Dawson Jr, George L. Holm, David E Flitman, Douglas M Steenland, Donald S Bulmer, and David V Singer

  • The most active insider trader at Performance Food Group Co is Patrick T Hagerty with 41 trades.

  • Holdings L.P. Blackstone III has sold the most Performance Food Group Co stock with a total value of $1,023,529,624.34.

  • David E Flitman has bought the most Performance Food Group Co stock with a total value of $2,273,356.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Performance Food Group Co was on Nov. 20, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Performance Food Group Co was from David E Flitman with a total value of $1,136,678.00 on Nov. 11, 2016.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Performance Food Group Co was from Holdings L.P. Blackstone III with a total value of $375,529,745.65 on May 18, 2017.