ServiceNow Inc (NOW) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $4,643,201.92
Total insider sells:
  • $60,018,094,011.39
Most recent insider trade:
  • June 5, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Frederic B Luddy
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 30, 2023CFO2,147$550.00Sell$1,180,850.00
May 25, 2023Insider375$532.17Sell$199,563.75
May 25, 2023COO13,000$538.15Sell$6,995,950.00
May 22, 2023Insider267$513.77Sell$137,176.59
May 15, 2023General Counsel69$453.30Sell$31,277.70
May 15, 2023Insider1,123$453.30Sell$509,055.90
May 10, 2023Director90$449.18Sell$40,426.20
May 8, 2023General Counsel55$436.90Sell$24,029.50
May 8, 2023Insider38$432.37Sell$16,430.06
May 4, 2023Insider1,135$437.66Sell$496,744.10
May 1, 2023General Counsel7,796$456.31Sell$3,557,392.76
May 1, 2023Insider886$450.96Sell$399,550.56
April 28, 2023Director1,315$459.75Sell$604,571.25
March 22, 2023Insider2,613$447.18Sell$1,168,481.34
Feb. 27, 2023Insider2,975$431.58Sell$1,283,950.50
Feb. 13, 2023Insider2,257$456.52Sell$1,030,365.64
Feb. 8, 2023Director90$464.59Sell$41,813.10
Feb. 8, 2023Insider377$464.59Sell$175,150.43
Feb. 1, 2023CEO2,483$455.03Sell$1,129,839.49
Jan. 30, 2023Insider2,301$447.22Sell$1,029,053.22
Jan. 27, 2023Insider1,083$461.03Sell$499,295.49
Dec. 6, 2022Director6,600$387.01Sell$2,554,266.00
Nov. 30, 2022Insider672$415.43Sell$279,168.96
Nov. 18, 2022Insider407$399.72Sell$162,686.04
Nov. 14, 2022Insider134$396.26Sell$53,098.84
Nov. 11, 2022Insider726$416.03Sell$302,037.78
Nov. 8, 2022Insider37$363.10Sell$13,434.70
Nov. 2, 2022Director6,600$404.81Sell$2,671,746.00
Nov. 1, 2022Insider478$418.56Sell$200,071.68
Oct. 28, 2022Insider600$414.24Sell$248,544.00
Oct. 10, 2022Director6,600$385.46Sell$2,544,036.00
Sept. 19, 2022General Counsel2,666$422.80Sell$1,127,184.80
Aug. 29, 2022CFO4,262$439.10Sell$1,871,444.20
Aug. 18, 2022General Counsel758$486.36Sell$368,660.88
Aug. 18, 2022Insider411$482.95Sell$198,492.45
Aug. 15, 2022General Counsel178$502.00Sell$89,356.00
Aug. 15, 2022Insider130$502.81Sell$65,365.30
Aug. 10, 2022Insider977$514.96Sell$503,115.92
Aug. 3, 2022Director6,600$465.86Sell$3,074,676.00
Aug. 1, 2022General Counsel4,812$438.99Sell$2,112,419.88
Aug. 1, 2022Director1,000$450.58Sell$450,580.00
Aug. 1, 2022Insider999$451.69Sell$451,238.31
July 29, 2022Insider2,822$438.75Sell$1,238,152.50
July 29, 2022Director707$446.40Sell$315,604.80
July 7, 2022Director6,600$497.01Sell$3,280,266.00
July 7, 2022N/A159$490.73Sell$78,026.07
June 8, 2022Director707$501.92Sell$354,857.44
May 31, 2022Insider726$474.48Sell$344,472.48
May 27, 2022COO7,000$477.52Sell$3,342,640.00
May 18, 2022Insider412$427.17Sell$175,994.04
  • Insiders are both buying and selling ServiceNow Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at ServiceNow Inc are: Frederic B Luddy, David Schneider, Frank Slootman, Chirantan Jitendra Desai, Michael Scarpelli, Daniel Mcgee, Paul John Smith, Gina Mastantuono, Russell S Elmer, Christopher Bedi, Anita M Sands, Paul Edward Chamberlain, Frederic Luddy, Charles Noell III, Fay Sien Goon, Lara Caimi, Jacqueline P Canney, Patricia L Wadors, William L Strauss, Paul Barber, Jeffrey A Miller, William R Mcdermott, John J Donahoe, Teresa Briggs, Ronald E F Codd, Paul V Barber, Lawrence Jackson, Nicholas Tzitzon, Susan L Bostrom, Frederic B. Luddy, Arne Josefsberg, William L. Strauss, Jonathan Chadwick, Dennis Woodside, LUDDY FREDERIC B, Susan L. Bostrom, Ronald E. F. Codd, Russell S. Elmer, and Kevin Haverty

  • The most active insider trader at ServiceNow Inc is Frederic B Luddy with 121 trades.

  • Frank Slootman has sold the most ServiceNow Inc stock with a total value of $58,383,073,118.53.

  • Dennis Woodside has bought the most ServiceNow Inc stock with a total value of $3,974,386.76.

  • The most recent insider trade for ServiceNow Inc was on June 5, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for ServiceNow Inc was from Dennis Woodside with a total value of $1,987,193.38 on Nov. 8, 2021.

  • The single biggest insider sell for ServiceNow Inc was from Frank Slootman with a total value of $57,960,900,000.00 on April 1, 2015.