NCR Corp (NCR) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $963,962.00
Total insider sells:
  • $510,582,702.71
Most recent insider trade:
  • Nov. 9, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Adrian Button
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Nov. 9, 2022Director5,000$20.82Buy$104,100.00
Oct. 28, 2022EVP13,000$20.38Sell$264,940.00
Feb. 18, 2022EVP21,712$42.21Sell$916,463.52
Nov. 1, 2021VP11,988$41.58Sell$498,461.04
Oct. 29, 2021EVP23,724$39.54Sell$938,046.96
Aug. 9, 2021Director1,200$40.68Buy$48,816.00
June 3, 2021Director50$46.28Buy$2,314.00
May 19, 2021COO102,267$47.29Sell$4,836,206.43
May 3, 2021EVP8,812$45.80Sell$403,589.60
Feb. 24, 2021EVP3,745$35.32Sell$132,273.40
Aug. 3, 2020SVP6,003$18.51Sell$111,115.53
July 31, 2020SVP9,515$18.49Sell$175,932.35
May 27, 2020CAO19,534$19.95Sell$389,703.30
March 13, 2020CFO5,700$17.30Buy$98,610.00
March 13, 2020EVP2,800$17.49Buy$48,972.00
Feb. 24, 2020VP2,866$30.04Sell$86,094.64
Feb. 24, 2020SVP3,745$30.02Sell$112,424.90
Dec. 2, 2019EVP2,707$32.45Sell$87,842.15
Nov. 20, 2019SVP8,238$33.29Sell$274,243.02
Sept. 20, 2019Major Shareholder9,129,966$32.75Sell$299,006,386.50
Sept. 5, 2019VP28,833$32.42Sell$934,765.86
Aug. 26, 2019EVP16,888$30.32Sell$512,044.16
May 13, 2019VP31,029$29.98Sell$930,249.42
May 2, 2019SVP4,639$28.61Sell$132,721.79
May 2, 2019EVP5,430$28.58Sell$155,189.40
Feb. 28, 2019EVP1,720$27.68Sell$47,609.60
Feb. 25, 2019EVP34,941$28.94Sell$1,011,192.54
Feb. 25, 2019SVP4,690$29.10Sell$136,479.00
Feb. 20, 2019SVP3,971$28.56Sell$113,411.76
Feb. 6, 2019SVP3,645$28.53Sell$103,991.85
Feb. 1, 2019EVP17,298$27.50Sell$475,695.00
May 8, 2018CEO17,500$29.28Buy$512,400.00
March 5, 2018EVP4,522$33.90Sell$153,295.80
Jan. 23, 2018EVP1,937$37.36Sell$72,366.32
May 2, 2017EVP3,086$42.48Sell$131,093.28
March 17, 2017Major Shareholder3,002,753$48.47Sell$145,543,437.91
Feb. 27, 2017EVP5,852$49.06Sell$287,099.12
Feb. 24, 2017EVP2,788$47.72Sell$133,043.36
Feb. 14, 2017Chairman386,637$45.80Sell$17,707,974.60
Jan. 3, 2017SVP18,169$41.22Sell$748,926.18
Dec. 5, 2016Director92,083$38.98Sell$3,589,395.34
Nov. 14, 2016CAO30,413$37.83Sell$1,150,523.79
Oct. 26, 2016SVP12,166$34.54Sell$420,213.64
Oct. 26, 2016EVP8,676$34.23Sell$296,979.48
Aug. 23, 2016EVP6,455$34.02Sell$219,599.10
Aug. 15, 2016EVP10,000$33.40Sell$334,000.00
July 20, 2016SVP16,119$31.17Sell$502,429.23
April 26, 2016Director2,400$31.43Sell$75,432.00
Feb. 19, 2016SVP10,182$22.32Sell$227,262.24
June 16, 2015SVP10,300$35.06Sell$361,118.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling NCR Corp stock.

  • The insider traders at NCR Corp are: Adrian Button, J. Robert Ciminera, Andrea Ledford, William Nuti, Daniel William Campbell, Paul Langenbahn, Andrew S Heyman, Edward P Boykin, Frederick Marquardt, James Bedore, Jennifer Daniels, Peter Leav, Michael D Hayford, Ncr Holdco L.P. Blackstone, Owen J Sullivan, Peter A Dorsman, Peter Dorsman, Robert Fishman, Robert P Fishman, Beth Potter, Andre J Fernandez, Edward Boykin, Georgette D Kiser, Holdings L.P. Blackstone III, John G Bruno, Joseph E Reece, Linda Fayne Levinson, and Martin Mucci

  • The most active insider trader at NCR Corp is Adrian Button with 13 trades.

  • Ncr Holdco L.P. Blackstone has sold the most NCR Corp stock with a total value of $598,012,773.00.

  • Michael D Hayford has bought the most NCR Corp stock with a total value of $1,024,800.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for NCR Corp was on Nov. 9, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for NCR Corp was from Michael D Hayford with a total value of $512,400.00 on May 8, 2018.

  • The single biggest insider sell for NCR Corp was from Ncr Holdco L.P. Blackstone with a total value of $299,006,386.50 on Sept. 20, 2019.