Ladder Capital Corp Class A (LADR) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $1,429,810.02
Total insider sells:
  • $177,663,809.08
Most recent insider trade:
  • Jan. 16, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Brian Harris
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Jan. 16, 2024CFO993$11.14Buy$11,062.02
April 14, 2022CEO30,000$12.54Sell$376,200.00
April 14, 2022President40,000$12.42Sell$496,800.00
April 11, 2022insider20,000$11.75Sell$235,000.00
April 8, 2022insider20,000$11.61Sell$232,200.00
March 21, 2022President3,139$11.98Sell$37,605.22
June 8, 2021President20,000$12.32Sell$246,400.00
June 8, 2021CEO7,352$12.45Sell$91,532.40
May 3, 2021Insider3,000$11.96Sell$35,880.00
May 3, 2021CEO4,223$11.98Sell$50,591.54
April 29, 2021CEO12,546$11.97Sell$150,175.62
April 26, 2021CEO4,000$11.96Sell$47,840.00
April 5, 2021President25,000$11.86Sell$296,500.00
April 5, 2021Insider3,000$11.86Sell$35,580.00
March 15, 2021CAO6,000$12.06Sell$72,360.00
Feb. 22, 2021Insider25,000$11.00Sell$275,000.00
Jan. 25, 2021Insider20,531$10.50Sell$215,575.50
Jan. 25, 2021CFO47,078$10.50Sell$494,319.00
Jan. 21, 2021Insider4,469$10.50Sell$46,924.50
Jan. 21, 2021CFO2,922$10.50Sell$30,681.00
Jan. 13, 2021CEO19,355$10.00Sell$193,550.00
Jan. 11, 2021CEO3,108$10.00Sell$31,080.00
Jan. 8, 2021CEO1,872$10.00Sell$18,720.00
Jan. 6, 2021CEO15,630$10.00Sell$156,300.00
Dec. 28, 2020President39,188$10.00Sell$391,880.00
Dec. 28, 2020CEO12,700$10.00Sell$127,000.00
Dec. 28, 2020Insider1,572$10.00Sell$15,720.00
Dec. 18, 2020President10,812$10.00Sell$108,120.00
Dec. 18, 2020Insider23,428$10.00Sell$234,280.00
Dec. 18, 2020CEO60,964$10.00Sell$609,640.00
Nov. 24, 2020President100,000$9.50Sell$950,000.00
Nov. 24, 2020Insider5,000$9.50Sell$47,500.00
Nov. 9, 2020Director441$8.28Sell$3,651.48
May 31, 2019President1,500$16.02Buy$24,030.00
May 22, 2019President1,600$16.03Buy$25,648.00
May 16, 2018Insider3,500$15.02Buy$52,570.00
May 15, 2018President10,000$14.88Buy$148,800.00
May 7, 2018Chairman17,500$14.32Buy$250,600.00
Oct. 10, 2017Major Shareholder2,000,000$13.55Sell$27,100,000.00
Aug. 21, 2017CEO10,000$13.41Buy$134,100.00
March 13, 2017Major Shareholder1,113,056$14.05Sell$15,638,436.80
March 13, 2017Director1,113,057$14.05Sell$15,638,450.85
March 3, 2017Major Shareholder1,792,169$13.59Sell$24,355,576.71
March 3, 2017Director2,023,254$13.59Sell$27,496,021.86
Dec. 12, 2016Major Shareholder4,441,661$13.60Sell$60,406,589.60
Aug. 11, 2015Director50,000$15.66Buy$783,000.00
June 29, 2015CFO36,000$17.66Sell$635,760.00
June 26, 2015President2,100$18.27Sell$38,367.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Ladder Capital Corp Class A stock.

  • The insider traders at Ladder Capital Corp Class A are: Brian Harris, Pamela Mccormack, Robert Perelman, Kelly Amanda Porcella, Marc Fox, Gi Partners Fund Iii Lp, Investor Executi Towerbrook II, Mark David Alexander, Thomas Harney, Howard Park, Investors Ltd. Towerbrook, Kevin Moclair, Michael Mazzei, Paul J Miceli, and Alan H Fishman

  • The most active insider trader at Ladder Capital Corp Class A is Brian Harris with 12 trades.

  • Investors Ltd. Towerbrook has sold the most Ladder Capital Corp Class A stock with a total value of $120,813,179.20.

  • Mark David Alexander has bought the most Ladder Capital Corp Class A stock with a total value of $1,566,000.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Ladder Capital Corp Class A was on Jan. 16, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Ladder Capital Corp Class A was from Mark David Alexander with a total value of $783,000.00 on Aug. 11, 2015.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Ladder Capital Corp Class A was from Investors Ltd. Towerbrook with a total value of $60,406,589.60 on Dec. 12, 2016.