HireRight Holdings Corp (HRT) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $35,891,485.02
Total insider sells:
  • $25,753,340.13
Most recent insider trade:
  • June 6, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Rjc Gis Holdings Llc
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
June 6, 2023Director4,466$10.66Sell$47,607.56
June 2, 2023Director3,812$10.56Sell$40,254.72
May 26, 2023Major Shareholder107,145$10.22Sell$1,095,021.90
May 24, 2023Major Shareholder41,112$10.34Sell$425,098.08
May 22, 2023Major Shareholder104,654$10.35Sell$1,083,168.90
May 19, 2023Major Shareholder87,917$10.17Sell$894,115.89
May 17, 2023Major Shareholder60,000$10.03Sell$601,800.00
May 11, 2023Major Shareholder24,608$10.20Sell$251,001.60
April 17, 2023Major Shareholder86,862$10.29Sell$893,809.98
April 14, 2023Major Shareholder42,669$10.14Sell$432,663.66
April 12, 2023Major Shareholder23,194$10.29Sell$238,666.26
April 10, 2023Major Shareholder122,607$10.39Sell$1,273,886.73
April 5, 2023Major Shareholder20,200$10.45Sell$211,090.00
April 3, 2023Major Shareholder144,946$10.47Sell$1,517,584.62
March 31, 2023Major Shareholder190,611$10.58Sell$2,016,664.38
March 29, 2023Major Shareholder153,903$10.47Sell$1,611,364.41
March 27, 2023Major Shareholder82,355$10.70Sell$881,198.50
March 24, 2023Major Shareholder139,602$10.72Sell$1,496,533.44
March 22, 2023Major Shareholder56,375$10.92Sell$615,615.00
March 20, 2023Major Shareholder82,979$10.95Sell$908,620.05
March 17, 2023Major Shareholder80,409$10.82Sell$870,025.38
March 15, 2023Major Shareholder120,503$10.71Sell$1,290,587.13
March 13, 2023Major Shareholder145,354$10.75Sell$1,562,555.50
March 10, 2023Major Shareholder320,600$10.83Sell$3,472,098.00
March 8, 2023Major Shareholder39,000$10.66Sell$415,740.00
March 6, 2023Major Shareholder36,500$11.07Sell$404,055.00
March 3, 2023Major Shareholder57,000$11.17Sell$636,690.00
March 1, 2023Major Shareholder26,600$10.90Sell$289,940.00
Feb. 27, 2023Major Shareholder5,200$11.29Sell$58,708.00
Feb. 9, 2023Major Shareholder1,000$11.97Sell$11,970.00
Feb. 2, 2023Major Shareholder10$12.02Sell$120.20
Jan. 13, 2023Major Shareholder17,062$12.02Sell$205,085.24
Dec. 7, 2022Director136,033$12.46Buy$1,694,971.18
Dec. 5, 2022Director136,033$13.10Buy$1,782,032.30
Dec. 2, 2022Director53,125$12.83Buy$681,593.75
Nov. 30, 2022Director131,770$12.45Buy$1,640,536.50
Nov. 28, 2022Director350,000$11.87Buy$4,154,500.00
Nov. 25, 2022Director110,054$11.93Buy$1,312,944.22
Nov. 23, 2022Director110,054$11.07Buy$1,218,297.78
Nov. 21, 2022Director110,054$10.46Buy$1,151,164.84
Nov. 18, 2022Director78,353$9.41Buy$737,301.73
Nov. 16, 2022Director400,000$9.72Buy$3,888,000.00
June 16, 2022Director467,884$14.92Buy$6,980,829.28
June 13, 2022Director513,259$14.67Buy$7,529,509.53
June 6, 2022Director6,805$15.44Buy$105,069.20
June 2, 2022Director7,218$14.80Buy$106,826.40
May 31, 2022Director52,471$14.67Buy$769,749.57
May 27, 2022Director22,435$14.49Buy$325,083.15
May 25, 2022Director130,531$13.89Buy$1,813,075.59
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling HireRight Holdings Corp stock.

  • The insider traders at HireRight Holdings Corp are: Rjc Gis Holdings Llc, Atlantic Genpar (Bermu General, Stone Point Capital Llc, James Laplaine, Lisa L Troe, and Mark F Dzialga

  • The most active insider trader at HireRight Holdings Corp is Rjc Gis Holdings Llc with 30 trades.

  • Rjc Gis Holdings Llc has sold the most HireRight Holdings Corp stock with a total value of $26,760,499.75.

  • Stone Point Capital Llc has bought the most HireRight Holdings Corp stock with a total value of $24,505,902.80.

  • The most recent insider trade for HireRight Holdings Corp was on June 6, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for HireRight Holdings Corp was from Stone Point Capital Llc with a total value of $7,529,509.53 on June 13, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for HireRight Holdings Corp was from Rjc Gis Holdings Llc with a total value of $3,472,098.00 on March 10, 2023.