Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II (GROV) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $472,861.53
Total insider sells:
  • $2,823,101.79
Most recent insider trade:
  • June 3, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Christopher Clark
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
June 3, 2024CTO6,485$1.59Sell$10,311.15
May 31, 2024CEO9,000$1.66Buy$14,940.00
May 29, 2024CEO600$1.56Buy$936.00
May 1, 2024CTO6,485$1.50Sell$9,727.50
April 9, 2024CTO4,060$1.67Sell$6,780.20
April 1, 2024CTO2,425$1.63Sell$3,952.75
March 11, 2024Director25,900$1.93Buy$49,987.00
March 11, 2024CEO5,406$1.85Buy$10,001.10
March 8, 2024Chairman10,800$2.15Buy$23,220.00
March 8, 2024CEO10,417$1.94Buy$20,208.98
March 1, 2024CTO6,485$1.82Sell$11,802.70
Feb. 1, 2024Insider6,485$1.74Sell$11,283.90
Jan. 2, 2024Insider6,485$1.70Sell$11,024.50
Dec. 14, 2023CEO10,000$1.98Buy$19,800.00
Nov. 1, 2023Insider6,485$1.54Sell$9,986.90
Oct. 2, 2023Insider6,485$2.69Sell$17,444.65
Sept. 20, 2023Insider6,485$2.85Sell$18,482.25
Aug. 16, 2023Insider15,000$2.96Sell$44,400.00
July 14, 2023Major Shareholder930,000$1.60Sell$1,488,000.00
June 9, 2023Director60,242$1.72Buy$103,616.24
June 9, 2023CEO3,636$1.68Buy$6,108.48
June 2, 2023Insider6,480$2.30Sell$14,904.00
June 1, 2023CEO723$2.15Buy$1,554.45
May 26, 2023CEO3,600$0.51Buy$1,836.00
May 24, 2023CEO3,600$0.51Buy$1,836.00
May 23, 2023Insider50,000$0.46Sell$23,000.00
May 22, 2023CEO3,600$0.45Buy$1,620.00
May 17, 2023Insider25,151$0.46Sell$11,569.46
May 17, 2023CEO10,000$0.45Buy$4,500.00
May 15, 2023Insider10,000$0.47Sell$4,700.00
March 20, 2023CEO55,000$0.37Buy$20,350.00
March 20, 2023Insider50,000$0.34Sell$17,000.00
March 20, 2023Director25,548$0.36Buy$9,197.28
March 17, 2023CEO60,000$0.34Buy$20,400.00
March 16, 2023Insider50,000$0.36Sell$18,000.00
Dec. 5, 2022Director100,000$0.59Buy$59,000.00
Dec. 2, 2022Major Shareholder30,500$0.60Sell$18,300.00
Nov. 30, 2022Major Shareholder20,000$0.64Sell$12,800.00
Nov. 28, 2022Major Shareholder42,482$0.70Sell$29,737.40
Nov. 25, 2022Major Shareholder9,100$0.76Sell$6,916.00
Nov. 23, 2022Major Shareholder10,300$0.78Sell$8,034.00
Nov. 22, 2022Director125,000$0.83Buy$103,750.00
Nov. 21, 2022Major Shareholder9,400$0.84Sell$7,896.00
Nov. 17, 2022Major Shareholder21,100$1.04Sell$21,944.00
Nov. 14, 2022CEO3,450$1.26Sell$4,347.00
Nov. 11, 2022Major Shareholder72,000$1.22Sell$87,840.00
Oct. 12, 2022Major Shareholder39,384$1.46Sell$57,500.64
Oct. 10, 2022Major Shareholder26,421$1.71Sell$45,179.91
Oct. 7, 2022Major Shareholder50,000$1.91Sell$95,500.00
Sept. 21, 2022Major Shareholder64,344$3.77Sell$242,576.88
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II stock.

  • The insider traders at Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II are: Christopher Clark, Sculptor Capital Management, I, Stuart Landesberg, Jeffrey Michael Yurcisin, John B Replogle, Xv A Cayman Islands Mayfield, David A Glazer, and Kevin Michael Cleary

  • The most active insider trader at Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II is Christopher Clark with 17 trades.

  • Xv A Cayman Islands Mayfield has sold the most Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II stock with a total value of $2,976,000.00.

  • John B Replogle has bought the most Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II stock with a total value of $307,340.24.

  • The most recent insider trade for Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II was on June 3, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II was from John B Replogle with a total value of $103,750.00 on Nov. 22, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II was from Xv A Cayman Islands Mayfield with a total value of $1,488,000.00 on July 14, 2023.