Genesis Energy LP (GEL) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $19,858,432.03
Total insider sells:
  • $62,546,393.22
Most recent insider trade:
  • Sept. 26, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • James E Davison
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Sept. 26, 2022Insider20,000$10.02Buy$200,400.00
Aug. 5, 2022Director10,000$9.48Buy$94,800.00
Aug. 3, 2022Director10,000$10.00Buy$100,000.00
Aug. 20, 2021Director25,000$7.74Buy$193,500.00
Aug. 9, 2021Insider29,000$8.34Buy$241,860.00
Aug. 9, 2021CEO10,000$8.38Buy$83,800.00
March 15, 2021VP4,180$9.42Buy$39,375.60
Nov. 10, 2020VP2,400$5.23Sell$12,552.00
March 30, 2020Director10,000$3.00Buy$30,000.00
March 18, 2020Director100,000$3.49Buy$349,000.00
March 12, 2020General Counsel10,000$4.78Buy$47,800.00
March 10, 2020General Counsel20,000$5.58Buy$111,600.00
March 5, 2020General Counsel10,000$9.32Buy$93,200.00
March 3, 2020VP6,573$10.42Buy$68,490.66
Feb. 27, 2020Director20,000$10.38Buy$207,600.00
Feb. 26, 2020VP10,000$10.65Buy$106,500.00
Feb. 21, 2020VP3,000$13.83Buy$41,490.00
Feb. 21, 2020Insider10,584$13.83Buy$146,376.72
Nov. 25, 2019Director19,705$19.18Buy$377,941.90
Nov. 22, 2019Director30,295$18.81Buy$569,848.95
Aug. 26, 2019Insider5,000$20.12Buy$100,600.00
Aug. 12, 2019VP3,000$19.94Buy$59,820.00
Aug. 12, 2019General Counsel5,000$19.97Buy$99,850.00
May 10, 2019Director50,000$21.54Buy$1,077,000.00
May 9, 2019VP4,000$21.00Buy$84,000.00
May 3, 2019Insider15,700$21.73Buy$341,161.00
Dec. 18, 2018VP10,000$19.75Buy$197,500.00
Sept. 5, 2018VP1,247$24.07Buy$30,015.29
March 2, 2018Insider12,525$19.96Buy$249,999.00
Feb. 9, 2018VP700$20.57Sell$14,399.00
Dec. 19, 2017Director15,000$22.32Buy$334,800.00
Dec. 4, 2017VP5,500$22.66Buy$124,630.00
Nov. 21, 2017CFO45,000$21.71Buy$976,950.00
Nov. 20, 2017Director79,031$21.56Buy$1,703,908.36
Nov. 17, 2017Director50,000$21.48Buy$1,074,000.00
Nov. 16, 2017Insider4,681$21.32Buy$99,798.92
Nov. 10, 2017CEO44,263$22.93Buy$1,014,950.59
Nov. 8, 2017VP4,300$23.25Buy$99,975.00
Nov. 8, 2017Director10,000$23.09Buy$230,900.00
Sept. 7, 2017Director7,804$27.25Buy$212,659.00
Sept. 6, 2017Director27,196$26.74Buy$727,221.04
June 13, 2017CFO34,000$30.34Buy$1,031,560.00
Feb. 29, 2016Director10,000$24.77Buy$247,700.00
Aug. 6, 2013Director3,000$48.61Buy$145,830.00
June 18, 2013Director265,000$51.61Sell$13,676,650.00
May 28, 2013Director8,750$52.85Sell$462,437.50
May 24, 2013Director1,750$52.58Sell$92,015.00
May 22, 2013Director17,500$54.31Sell$950,425.00
Oct. 5, 2012CEO216,334$30.00Buy$6,490,020.00
Oct. 5, 2012Director1,498,984$31.58Sell$47,337,914.72
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Genesis Energy LP stock.

  • The insider traders at Genesis Energy LP are: James E Davison, Edward T Flynn, Kenneth M Jastrow II, Ryan S Sims, Kristen O Jesulaitis, Garland G Gaspard, Chad Anthony Landry, Grant E Sims, Jack T Taylor, Robert V Deere, Garland G. Gaspard, Edward T. Flynn, Conrad P Albert, Richard R Alexander, Robert C Sturdivant, William Stanton Goloway, Conrad Albert, Grant E. Sims, and Sharilyn S Gasaway

  • The most active insider trader at Genesis Energy LP is James E Davison with 10 trades.

  • Robert C Sturdivant has sold the most Genesis Energy LP stock with a total value of $94,675,829.44.

  • Grant E Sims has bought the most Genesis Energy LP stock with a total value of $8,519,921.18.

  • The most recent insider trade for Genesis Energy LP was on Sept. 26, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Genesis Energy LP was from Grant E Sims with a total value of $6,490,020.00 on Oct. 5, 2012.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Genesis Energy LP was from Robert C Sturdivant with a total value of $47,337,914.72 on Oct. 5, 2012.