Dell Technologies Inc (DELL) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $68,553,993.10
Total insider sells:
  • $1,043,115,912.47
Most recent insider trade:
  • March 16, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Jeffrey W Clarke
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
March 16, 2023COO15,983$36.49Sell$583,219.67
Dec. 14, 2022Insider91,938$42.62Sell$3,918,397.56
Sept. 12, 2022Insider27,536$40.20Sell$1,106,947.20
Aug. 17, 2022COO107,905$47.70Sell$5,147,068.50
June 8, 2022CAO5,969$50.95Sell$304,120.55
April 7, 2022General Counsel64,892$47.52Sell$3,083,667.84
April 7, 2022CAO5,789$48.00Sell$277,872.00
March 29, 2022Insider67,613$54.67Sell$3,696,402.71
March 24, 2022Insider124,718$53.52Sell$6,674,907.36
March 24, 2022General Counsel64,895$52.58Sell$3,412,179.10
Dec. 10, 2021Insider91,938$57.61Sell$5,296,548.18
Dec. 2, 2021Insider155,090$57.00Sell$8,840,130.00
Dec. 2, 2021CMO49,776$57.16Sell$2,845,196.16
Oct. 19, 2021CMO77,182$110.43Sell$8,523,208.26
Sept. 23, 2021CMO68,543$105.00Sell$7,197,015.00
Sept. 10, 2021CFO281,818$95.43Sell$26,893,891.74
Sept. 2, 2021General Counsel6,099$97.03Sell$591,785.97
July 26, 2021CFO200,000$96.56Sell$19,312,000.00
July 9, 2021CMO85,917$100.42Sell$8,627,785.14
July 7, 2021Director113,628$99.81Sell$11,341,210.68
June 30, 2021General Counsel30,000$100.37Sell$3,011,100.00
June 30, 2021Director178,029$99.81Sell$17,769,074.49
June 28, 2021CEO966,785$99.81Sell$96,494,810.85
June 28, 2021Major Shareholder96,679$99.81Sell$9,649,530.99
June 25, 2021CEO1,316,156$99.56Sell$131,036,491.36
June 25, 2021Major Shareholder131,616$99.56Sell$13,103,688.96
June 22, 2021CEO3,680$100.00Sell$368,000.00
June 21, 2021Major Shareholder31,076$100.03Sell$3,108,532.28
June 17, 2021CEO322,385$100.92Sell$32,535,094.20
June 17, 2021Major Shareholder32,239$100.92Sell$3,253,559.88
March 22, 2021CFO200,000$87.74Sell$17,548,000.00
March 17, 2021General Counsel177,471$90.00Sell$15,972,390.00
Feb. 3, 2021COO13,946$76.75Sell$1,070,355.50
Jan. 27, 2021COO42,337$75.31Sell$3,188,399.47
Jan. 25, 2021COO100,000$75.49Sell$7,549,000.00
Jan. 22, 2021COO100,000$75.59Sell$7,559,000.00
Jan. 20, 2021COO100,000$76.07Sell$7,607,000.00
Jan. 11, 2021COO100,000$76.24Sell$7,624,000.00
Jan. 8, 2021COO100,000$76.59Sell$7,659,000.00
Jan. 6, 2021General Counsel88,734$75.01Sell$6,655,937.34
Jan. 6, 2021COO15,121$75.05Sell$1,134,831.05
Dec. 28, 2020General Counsel136,291$72.84Sell$9,927,436.44
Dec. 28, 2020Insider273,136$72.84Sell$19,895,226.24
Dec. 15, 2020CFO100,000$73.22Sell$7,322,000.00
Nov. 23, 2020COO53,130$69.15Sell$3,673,939.50
Nov. 20, 2020COO200,000$68.26Sell$13,652,000.00
Nov. 18, 2020COO200,000$67.96Sell$13,592,000.00
Nov. 16, 2020COO100,000$66.99Sell$6,699,000.00
Nov. 13, 2020COO100,000$65.55Sell$6,555,000.00
Nov. 11, 2020COO29,712$65.09Sell$1,933,954.08
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Dell Technologies Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Dell Technologies Inc are: Jeffrey W Clarke, Thomas W Sweet, Richard J Rothberg, Howard D Elias, Marius Haas, Allison Dew, Michael S Dell, William F Scannell, Steven H Price, Karen H Quintos, Lieberman Dell Separate Susan, Rory P Read, Anthony Charles Whitten, Maya Mcreynolds, Brunilda Rios, Holdings (Private) Ltd Temasek, Lake Group L.L.C. Silver, Brian T Gladden, Brian Gladden, Egon Durban, and Carl C Icahn

  • The most active insider trader at Dell Technologies Inc is Jeffrey W Clarke with 24 trades.

  • Michael S Dell has sold the most Dell Technologies Inc stock with a total value of $356,929,207.26.

  • Carl C Icahn has bought the most Dell Technologies Inc stock with a total value of $103,520,000.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Dell Technologies Inc was on March 16, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Dell Technologies Inc was from Carl C Icahn with a total value of $51,760,000.00 on Aug. 1, 2013.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Dell Technologies Inc was from Holdings (Private) Ltd Temasek with a total value of $137,150,722.80 on Sept. 3, 2019.