CNA Financial Corporation (CNA) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $37,172,505.79
Total insider sells:
  • $11,078,059.27
Most recent insider trade:
  • Sept. 19, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Corp Loews
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Sept. 19, 2022Major Shareholder76,954$39.26Buy$3,021,214.04
Sept. 15, 2022Major Shareholder50,789$38.44Buy$1,952,329.16
Sept. 13, 2022Major Shareholder50,789$39.42Buy$2,002,102.38
Sept. 8, 2022Major Shareholder47,899$40.08Buy$1,919,791.92
Sept. 6, 2022Major Shareholder48,199$39.56Buy$1,906,752.44
May 24, 2022EVP9,486$44.79Sell$424,877.94
May 10, 2022Director2,500$44.18Buy$110,450.00
Nov. 2, 2021EVP10,886$46.36Sell$504,674.96
Aug. 20, 2021CEO1,176$42.59Sell$50,085.84
June 16, 2021EVP2,313$47.70Sell$110,330.10
May 7, 2021EVP9,486$48.10Sell$456,276.60
March 11, 2021EVP9,298$45.59Sell$423,895.82
June 19, 2020Major Shareholder99,367$32.80Buy$3,259,237.60
June 17, 2020Major Shareholder161,305$32.49Buy$5,240,799.45
June 11, 2020Major Shareholder303,758$31.10Buy$9,446,873.80
Dec. 16, 2019EVP5,000$45.04Sell$225,200.00
Dec. 2, 2019EVP2,023$44.16Sell$89,335.68
May 9, 2019CEO1,094$45.65Sell$49,941.10
April 30, 2019EVP7,132$45.79Sell$326,574.28
Nov. 7, 2018EVP11,358$47.73Sell$542,117.34
May 23, 2018CEO2,036$48.63Sell$99,010.68
May 3, 2018EVP11,396$47.66Sell$543,133.36
March 2, 2018EVP1,486$49.83Sell$74,047.38
Feb. 15, 2018EVP7,457$53.25Sell$397,085.25
Aug. 14, 2017CFO23,450$52.66Sell$1,234,877.00
May 3, 2017Director15,000$45.02Sell$675,300.00
Feb. 21, 2017CEO12,000$41.84Buy$502,080.00
Feb. 7, 2017EVP236$42.58Sell$10,048.88
Feb. 7, 2017CFO318$42.42Sell$13,489.56
March 10, 2016Major Shareholder105,100$30.20Buy$3,174,020.00
Feb. 29, 2016Major Shareholder49,900$28.90Buy$1,442,110.00
Feb. 25, 2016Major Shareholder111,900$28.55Buy$3,194,745.00
May 13, 2015EVP40,276$39.21Sell$1,579,221.96
Feb. 11, 2015CFO25,000$42.09Sell$1,052,250.00
May 7, 2014CFO17,855$41.64Sell$743,482.20
Feb. 14, 2014CFO32,145$41.95Sell$1,348,482.75
Feb. 25, 2013EVP3,259$32.01Sell$104,320.59
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling CNA Financial Corporation stock.

  • The insider traders at CNA Financial Corporation are: Corp Loews, D Craig Mense, Dino Robusto, Douglas Worman, Thomas Pontarelli, Daniel Paul Franzetti, Elizabeth Ann Aguinaga, Larry A Haefner, Joseph Rosenberg, Andrew J Pinkes, Michael A Bless, Scott L Weber, and Jonathan D Kantor

  • The most active insider trader at CNA Financial Corporation is Corp Loews with 11 trades.

  • D Craig Mense has sold the most CNA Financial Corporation stock with a total value of $5,627,458.51.

  • Corp Loews has bought the most CNA Financial Corporation stock with a total value of $39,581,189.83.

  • The most recent insider trade for CNA Financial Corporation was on Sept. 19, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for CNA Financial Corporation was from Corp Loews with a total value of $9,446,873.80 on June 11, 2020.

  • The single biggest insider sell for CNA Financial Corporation was from Jonathan D Kantor with a total value of $1,579,221.96 on May 13, 2015.