Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc (CCO) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $100,860,522.80
Total insider sells:
  • $8,598,388.89
Most recent insider trade:
  • Jan. 30, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Ares Management Llc
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Jan. 30, 2023Major Shareholder500,000$1.79Buy$895,000.00
Jan. 27, 2023Major Shareholder525,902$1.80Buy$946,623.60
Jan. 25, 2023Major Shareholder875,000$1.56Buy$1,365,000.00
Jan. 23, 2023Major Shareholder730,000$1.65Buy$1,204,500.00
Jan. 19, 2023Major Shareholder300,000$1.33Buy$399,000.00
Jan. 17, 2023Major Shareholder400,000$1.36Buy$544,000.00
Jan. 13, 2023Major Shareholder330,000$1.39Buy$458,700.00
Oct. 14, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.47Buy$294,000.00
Oct. 12, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.63Buy$326,000.00
Oct. 10, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.59Buy$318,000.00
Oct. 7, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.57Buy$314,000.00
Oct. 5, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.60Buy$320,000.00
Oct. 3, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.49Buy$298,000.00
Sept. 30, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.43Buy$286,000.00
Sept. 28, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.40Buy$280,000.00
Sept. 26, 2022Major Shareholder200,000$1.35Buy$270,000.00
May 31, 2022Major Shareholder561,112$1.58Sell$886,556.96
March 3, 2022Director68,207$3.72Sell$253,730.04
Nov. 5, 2021Major Shareholder61,793$3.30Sell$203,916.90
Aug. 3, 2021CAO23,006$2.49Sell$57,284.94
July 29, 2020Major Shareholder14,907$0.92Sell$13,714.44
July 15, 2020Major Shareholder124,578$0.93Sell$115,857.54
May 27, 2020CEO10,000$1.08Buy$10,800.00
Oct. 7, 2019Major Shareholder5,022$2.48Sell$12,454.56
Sept. 3, 2019CEO81,454$2.54Sell$206,893.16
Aug. 15, 2019Director400,000$2.28Buy$912,000.00
Aug. 14, 2019CEO15,000$2.36Buy$35,400.00
Aug. 14, 2019CFO20,000$2.44Buy$48,800.00
June 12, 2019CEO1,000$5.40Sell$5,400.00
June 10, 2019CEO82,453$5.16Sell$425,457.48
May 14, 2019Major Shareholder1,201,851$5.05Sell$6,069,347.55
March 4, 2016Insider5,000$4.13Buy$20,650.00
May 5, 2015Insider94,500$0.25Sell$23,625.00
May 4, 2015Insider2,094$11.28Sell$23,620.32
April 2, 2015Major Shareholder2,172,946$10.20Buy$22,164,049.20
Jan. 7, 2015Major Shareholder2,000,000$10.20Buy$20,400,000.00
Dec. 15, 2014Major Shareholder5,000,000$9.75Buy$48,750,000.00
June 12, 2013CRO41,000$7.33Sell$300,530.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc are: Ares Management Llc, Pacific Investment Management, Christopher William Eccleshare, Iheartmedia, Inc., Scott Wells, W Benjamin Moreland, Brian D Coleman, Franklin Gay Sisson Jr, Jason Dilger, and Lisa Hammitt

  • The most active insider trader at Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc is Ares Management Llc with 16 trades.

  • Pacific Investment Management has sold the most Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc stock with a total value of $8,188,404.91.

  • Iheartmedia, Inc. has bought the most Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc stock with a total value of $113,478,098.40.

  • The most recent insider trade for Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc was on Jan. 30, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc was from Iheartmedia, Inc. with a total value of $48,750,000.00 on Dec. 15, 2014.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc was from Pacific Investment Management with a total value of $6,069,347.55 on May 14, 2019.