Antero Resources Corp (AR) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $11,212,694.76
Total insider sells:
  • $485,258,319.71
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 20, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • W Howard Keenan Jr
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 20, 2024Insider16,377$35.50Sell$581,383.50
May 14, 2024Insider50,000$33.72Sell$1,686,000.00
May 9, 2024Director300,000$34.23Sell$10,269,000.00
May 7, 2024Director100,000$34.53Sell$3,453,000.00
May 1, 2024Director10,000$33.67Sell$336,700.00
March 14, 2024Director232,293$25.85Sell$6,004,774.05
March 13, 2024Insider28,009$26.29Sell$736,356.61
March 12, 2024Director206,978$26.15Sell$5,412,474.70
Nov. 2, 2023Insider3,460$29.92Sell$103,523.20
May 5, 2023Insider150,000$21.07Sell$3,160,500.00
Dec. 6, 2022Director220,245$31.16Sell$6,862,834.20
Nov. 3, 2022Insider2,750$35.48Sell$97,570.00
Aug. 23, 2022Director5,000$45.00Sell$225,000.00
Aug. 1, 2022Insider36,701$38.89Sell$1,427,301.89
July 26, 2022Director5,000$40.17Sell$200,850.00
May 18, 2022Director1,000,000$34.80Sell$34,800,000.00
May 11, 2022Insider7,352$34.63Sell$254,599.76
April 14, 2022Director10,000$35.00Sell$350,000.00
March 25, 2022Director10,000$30.00Sell$300,000.00
March 4, 2022Director10,000$25.00Sell$250,000.00
Nov. 22, 2021Director179,027$18.46Sell$3,304,838.42
Nov. 19, 2021Director176,712$18.44Sell$3,258,569.28
Nov. 15, 2021Insider2,000$19.56Sell$39,120.00
Aug. 30, 2021Director265,013$13.84Sell$3,667,779.92
Aug. 26, 2021Director100,000$13.05Sell$1,305,000.00
March 3, 2021Director168,000$9.79Sell$1,644,720.00
Nov. 24, 2020Insider1,501$4.43Sell$6,649.43
Dec. 30, 2019Insider138,098$2.77Sell$382,531.46
June 10, 2019Director16,094,190$6.17Sell$99,301,152.30
May 30, 2019Insider7,500$6.71Buy$50,325.00
May 28, 2019Insider7,350$6.79Buy$49,906.50
May 24, 2019Insider7,200$6.90Buy$49,680.00
May 22, 2019Director1,000$6.90Buy$6,900.00
May 22, 2019Insider25,000$6.93Buy$173,250.00
March 15, 2019Insider12,200$8.30Buy$101,260.00
March 13, 2019Insider12,239$8.34Buy$102,073.26
Dec. 4, 2018Director20,429$12.80Sell$261,491.20
Nov. 20, 2018Director1,000$13.50Sell$13,500.00
Nov. 8, 2018Director6,907$16.49Sell$113,896.43
Aug. 10, 2018Insider2,500$18.59Sell$46,475.00
July 9, 2018Insider2,500$22.00Sell$55,000.00
May 1, 2018Insider2,500$18.93Sell$47,325.00
March 2, 2018Insider2,500$20.00Sell$50,000.00
Nov. 16, 2017Insider10,865$19.25Sell$209,151.25
Nov. 10, 2017Insider82,760$19.99Sell$1,654,372.40
Aug. 1, 2017Insider3,785$20.55Sell$77,781.75
June 15, 2017Insider24,000$22.05Sell$529,200.00
May 17, 2017Insider500,000$21.11Buy$10,555,000.00
Jan. 5, 2017Insider2,000$25.00Sell$50,000.00
Dec. 8, 2016Insider40,000$26.70Sell$1,068,000.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Antero Resources Corp stock.

  • The insider traders at Antero Resources Corp are: W Howard Keenan Jr, Robert J Clark, K. Phil Yoo, Sheri Pearce, Paul M. Rady, Benjamin A Hardesty, Ward D Mcneilly, Richard W Connor, Ward D. Mcneilly, Christopher Reid Manning, Michael N Kennedy, Glen C. Warren, Jr., James R Levy, W Patrick Ash, Kevin J Kilstrom, Kevin J. Kilstrom, Michael N. Kennedy, Paul M Rady, and Alvyn A. Schopp

  • The most active insider trader at Antero Resources Corp is W Howard Keenan Jr with 10 trades.

  • James R Levy has sold the most Antero Resources Corp stock with a total value of $304,009,903.10.

  • Paul M. Rady has bought the most Antero Resources Corp stock with a total value of $10,856,496.50.

  • The most recent insider trade for Antero Resources Corp was on May 20, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Antero Resources Corp was from Paul M. Rady with a total value of $10,555,000.00 on May 17, 2017.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Antero Resources Corp was from Christopher Reid Manning with a total value of $143,250,003.82 on Oct. 16, 2013.