Aon PLC (AON) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $54,826,900.00
Total insider sells:
  • $358,061,606.61
Most recent insider trade:
  • Feb. 23, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Christa Davies
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Feb. 23, 2024Insider13,000$315.26Sell$4,098,380.00
Feb. 16, 2024CFO40,164$313.29Sell$12,582,979.56
Feb. 15, 2024Insider750$312.00Sell$234,000.00
Feb. 12, 2024CFO20,618$311.40Sell$6,420,445.20
Feb. 7, 2024Director50,000$301.97Buy$15,098,500.00
Aug. 23, 2023Director800$324.57Buy$259,656.00
May 9, 2023President7,500$335.55Sell$2,516,625.00
Feb. 21, 2023CFO20,528$305.11Sell$6,263,298.08
Feb. 17, 2023CFO51,244$310.14Sell$15,892,814.16
Feb. 16, 2023Insider1,000$311.59Sell$311,590.00
Feb. 13, 2023CFO617$318.36Sell$196,428.12
Aug. 23, 2022Director400$291.72Buy$116,688.00
July 28, 2022General Counsel111$290.00Sell$32,190.00
May 5, 2022Director14,000$286.58Buy$4,012,120.00
March 16, 2022General Counsel82$308.31Sell$25,281.42
Feb. 23, 2022President7,500$282.57Sell$2,119,275.00
Feb. 22, 2022Insider1,250$285.00Sell$356,250.00
Feb. 18, 2022CFO32,942$282.51Sell$9,306,444.42
Feb. 14, 2022CFO616$283.72Sell$174,771.52
Dec. 23, 2021General Counsel197$295.00Sell$58,115.00
Nov. 23, 2021Director200$296.32Buy$59,264.00
Aug. 17, 2021Director9,000$279.62Sell$2,516,580.00
Aug. 4, 2021Director10,000$263.95Buy$2,639,500.00
Nov. 10, 2020President5,000$197.46Sell$987,300.00
Nov. 6, 2020COO1,000$186.46Buy$186,460.00
Nov. 5, 2020Director10,000$186.55Buy$1,865,500.00
May 28, 2020President1,500$199.13Sell$298,695.00
May 27, 2020Director600$197.80Sell$118,680.00
May 14, 2020Insider750$190.50Sell$142,875.00
May 13, 2020Director70,000$195.00Buy$13,650,000.00
March 16, 2020Insider1,250$160.68Sell$200,850.00
Feb. 18, 2020CFO2,354$233.77Sell$550,294.58
Feb. 18, 2020Insider15,040$235.00Sell$3,534,400.00
Nov. 6, 2019Director5,000$193.60Sell$968,000.00
Nov. 5, 2019Insider1,703$194.79Sell$331,727.37
Oct. 11, 2019Insider3,000,000$0.03Buy$90,000.00
Sept. 3, 2019Insider750$193.29Sell$144,967.50
Aug. 30, 2019COO7,600$192.30Sell$1,461,480.00
May 31, 2019General Counsel11,645$180.69Sell$2,104,135.05
May 9, 2019Insider7,500$178.50Sell$1,338,750.00
April 30, 2019General Counsel5,200$178.39Sell$927,628.00
Feb. 19, 2019General Counsel15,068$172.77Sell$2,603,298.36
Feb. 19, 2019Insider1,250$171.66Sell$214,575.00
Feb. 15, 2019CFO58,152$170.90Sell$9,938,176.80
Nov. 7, 2018CEO4,000$160.00Sell$640,000.00
Sept. 19, 2018CEO4,000$155.00Sell$620,000.00
Sept. 6, 2018CEO4,000$150.00Sell$600,000.00
Aug. 20, 2018Insider750$143.58Sell$107,685.00
Aug. 6, 2018Director5,550$143.84Buy$798,312.00
May 16, 2018Insider1,000$140.93Sell$140,930.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Aon PLC stock.

  • The insider traders at Aon PLC are: Christa Davies, Gregory C Case, Peter M Lieb, Michael Neller, Stephen P Mcgill, Lester B Knight, Eric Andersen, Gregory C. Case, Michael J O'connor, Laurel G Meissner, Anthony R Goland, Byron Spruell, Caroline Grace, Darren Zeidel, John G Bruno, Peter M. Lieb, J Michael Losh, Gregory J Besio, Jeffrey C Campbell, Lester Knight, Lisa Stevens, John Zern, Gregory Besio, Peter Lieb, Carolyn Y Woo, Behets Robert, and Laurel Meissner

  • The most active insider trader at Aon PLC is Christa Davies with 14 trades.

  • Gregory C Case has sold the most Aon PLC stock with a total value of $194,648,554.59.

  • Lester B Knight has bought the most Aon PLC stock with a total value of $66,095,720.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Aon PLC was on Feb. 23, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Aon PLC was from Lester B Knight with a total value of $15,098,500.00 on Feb. 7, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Aon PLC was from Gregory C Case with a total value of $60,101,600.00 on Feb. 22, 2017.