Accenture plc (ACN) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $4,300.00
Total insider sells:
  • $431,446,721.57
Most recent insider trade:
  • Nov. 4, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Richard Lumb
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Nov. 4, 2022CEO8,600$259.42Sell$2,231,012.00
Oct. 28, 2022CEO8,600$284.61Sell$2,447,646.00
Oct. 24, 2022General Counsel556$273.81Sell$152,238.36
Oct. 21, 2022COO8,424$261.66Sell$2,204,223.84
Oct. 21, 2022CEO8,600$266.93Sell$2,295,598.00
Oct. 14, 2022Insider6,250$254.99Sell$1,593,687.50
July 28, 2022General Counsel555$300.00Sell$166,500.00
July 28, 2022Insider750$300.00Sell$225,000.00
July 25, 2022General Counsel556$287.51Sell$159,855.56
July 15, 2022Insider6,250$270.93Sell$1,693,312.50
July 15, 2022CEO3,278$270.93Sell$888,108.54
July 15, 2022Chief Executive - Europe238$267.66Sell$63,703.08
July 15, 2022Chair & CEO310$268.36Sell$83,191.60
April 25, 2022Insider750$310.55Sell$232,912.50
April 18, 2022General Counsel470$315.06Sell$148,078.20
April 18, 2022CEO3,287$315.22Sell$1,036,128.14
April 18, 2022Insider6,250$315.13Sell$1,969,562.50
Feb. 9, 2022CFO1,646$352.79Sell$580,692.34
Feb. 3, 2022CEO3,742$348.72Sell$1,304,910.24
Feb. 3, 2022Insider1,952$348.64Sell$680,545.28
Feb. 3, 2022CAO2,902$348.66Sell$1,011,811.32
Jan. 31, 2022Insider1,500$350.00Sell$525,000.00
Jan. 21, 2022Insider1,500$340.00Sell$510,000.00
Jan. 14, 2022CAO2,111$353.53Sell$746,301.83
Jan. 14, 2022CEO5,027$353.40Sell$1,776,541.80
Jan. 14, 2022COO3,000$353.30Sell$1,059,900.00
Jan. 14, 2022General Counsel416$353.62Sell$147,105.92
Jan. 14, 2022Insider6,250$353.42Sell$2,208,875.00
Nov. 1, 2021CEO5,602$354.33Sell$1,984,956.66
Oct. 25, 2021CEO5,000$356.11Sell$1,780,550.00
Oct. 25, 2021Insider1,966$356.11Sell$700,112.26
Oct. 25, 2021CAO2,131$356.08Sell$758,806.48
Oct. 25, 2021CFO1,797$356.47Sell$640,576.59
Oct. 15, 2021Insider5,233$340.81Sell$1,783,458.73
Oct. 15, 2021COO3,000$340.84Sell$1,022,520.00
Oct. 15, 2021General Counsel1,328$340.79Sell$452,569.12
Sept. 27, 2021Insider581$334.78Sell$194,507.18
Sept. 27, 2021Insider581$334.78Sell$194,507.18
July 23, 2021Insider2,600$317.47Sell$825,422.00
July 16, 2021CFO4,500$314.20Sell$1,413,900.00
July 16, 2021COO3,000$314.21Sell$942,630.00
July 16, 2021Insider5,233$314.20Sell$1,644,208.60
June 28, 2021General Counsel3,394$293.44Sell$995,935.36
June 28, 2021Director685$294.05Sell$201,424.25
June 28, 2021Insider581$293.46Sell$170,500.26
April 26, 2021Insider2,600$290.21Sell$754,546.00
April 20, 2021CEO2,167$287.77Sell$623,597.59
April 20, 2021General Counsel873$287.78Sell$251,231.94
April 16, 2021Insider5,233$286.38Sell$1,498,626.54
April 16, 2021CEO3,675$286.33Sell$1,052,262.75
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Accenture plc stock.

  • The insider traders at Accenture plc are: Richard Lumb, David Rowland, Johan Deblaere, Ellyn Shook, Julie Spellman Sweet, Jean-Marc Ollagnier, Richard P Clark, Gianfranco Casati, Pierre Nanterme, Daniel T London, Joel Unruch, Chad T Jerdee, Kathleen R Mcclure, Richard P. Clark, James O Etheredge, Robert E Sell, 'T Noordende Alexander M Van, Plc Accenture, Richard Buzbuzian, Paula A Price, Wulf Von Schimmelmann, Blythe J Mcgarvie, John F Walsh, Kathleen R. Mcclure, Manish Sharma, Marjorie Magner, Martin Cole, Norman Eyolfson, Ollagnier Jean-Marc, Sweet Julie Spellman, 'T Noordende Alexander M. Van, Venkata S M Renduchintala, and Arun Sarin

  • The most active insider trader at Accenture plc is Richard Lumb with 48 trades.

  • Plc Accenture has sold the most Accenture plc stock with a total value of $165,443,200.00.

  • Norman Eyolfson has bought the most Accenture plc stock with a total value of $4,800.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Accenture plc was on Nov. 4, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Accenture plc was from Norman Eyolfson with a total value of $2,400.00 on June 18, 2015.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Accenture plc was from Plc Accenture with a total value of $127,264,000.00 on Nov. 13, 2020.