Zions Bancorporation (ZION) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $8,850,161.84
Total insider sells:
  • $60,924,839.98
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 17, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Thomas E Laursen
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 17, 2024VP147$45.02Sell$6,617.94
May 16, 2024SVP358$44.83Sell$16,049.14
May 3, 2024EVP5,291$43.66Sell$231,005.06
May 3, 2024CEO1,500$43.68Sell$65,520.00
Feb. 27, 2024CEO4,000$38.54Buy$154,160.00
Feb. 22, 2024VP5,597$40.21Sell$225,055.37
Feb. 16, 2024EVP7,500$40.81Sell$306,075.00
Feb. 6, 2024VP832$39.24Sell$32,647.68
Feb. 6, 2024CEO3,600$38.99Buy$140,364.00
Jan. 26, 2024VP4,093$44.25Sell$181,115.25
Dec. 19, 2023VP184$38.32Sell$7,050.88
Dec. 19, 2023CEO82$38.32Sell$3,142.24
Dec. 19, 2023EVP260$38.32Sell$9,963.20
Dec. 19, 2023President519$38.32Sell$19,888.08
May 4, 2023EVP10,000$20.38Buy$203,800.00
May 4, 2023Director18,000$20.02Buy$360,360.00
May 3, 2023CEO20,000$24.16Buy$483,200.00
May 1, 2023EVP20,000$27.42Buy$548,400.00
April 28, 2023President37,000$27.44Buy$1,015,280.00
Feb. 10, 2023VP377$52.51Sell$19,796.27
Feb. 7, 2023EVP6,000$54.42Sell$326,520.00
Jan. 31, 2023EVP2,248$52.84Sell$118,784.32
Jan. 31, 2023CEO4,307$53.02Sell$228,357.14
Dec. 1, 2022VP880$51.79Sell$45,575.20
Nov. 30, 2022CEO3,000$50.44Buy$151,320.00
Nov. 17, 2022SVP2,000$50.45Buy$100,900.00
Nov. 8, 2022VP14,774$49.82Sell$736,040.68
Oct. 31, 2022VP2,378$52.05Sell$123,774.90
Aug. 18, 2022VP3,443$58.78Sell$202,379.54
Aug. 10, 2022EVP4,448$56.40Sell$250,867.20
Aug. 10, 2022VP4,775$56.34Sell$269,023.50
May 17, 2022EVP713$54.16Sell$38,616.08
May 2, 2022SVP10,000$57.03Buy$570,300.00
Feb. 14, 2022VP30,703$71.85Sell$2,206,010.55
Feb. 10, 2022CEO2,047$74.60Sell$152,706.20
Feb. 4, 2022CEO3,029$70.63Sell$213,938.27
Feb. 3, 2022EVP15,120$69.52Sell$1,051,142.40
Nov. 10, 2021EVP8,867$65.71Sell$582,650.57
Nov. 8, 2021VP1,520$65.65Sell$99,788.00
Nov. 3, 2021VP1,262$65.00Sell$82,030.00
Nov. 1, 2021EVP8,000$64.40Sell$515,200.00
Oct. 29, 2021VP403$63.07Sell$25,417.21
Oct. 25, 2021EVP11,785$66.25Sell$780,756.25
Oct. 25, 2021VP2,946$66.39Sell$195,584.94
May 28, 2021VP3,460$57.65Sell$199,469.00
May 26, 2021SVP249$56.59Sell$14,090.91
May 13, 2021VP2,082$57.97Sell$120,693.54
May 13, 2021SVP5,407$58.21Sell$314,741.47
May 11, 2021EVP551$58.51Sell$32,239.01
May 10, 2021VP3,000$59.80Sell$179,400.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Zions Bancorporation stock.

  • The insider traders at Zions Bancorporation are: Thomas E Laursen, David E Blackford, A Scott Anderson, Mark Richard Young, Keith D Maio, Steven Dan Stephens, Bruce K Alexander, Alexander Hume, Michael Morris, Dianne R James, Scott J Mclean, Terry Alan Shirey, Alan M Forney, Harris H Simmons, Dallas E Haun, Rebecca K Robinson, Julie G Castle, James R Abbott, Jennifer Anne Smith, Leeanne B Linderman, Randy R Stewart, Edward Schreiber, W David Hemingway, Dallas Haun, David Blackford, Edward F Murphy, J David Heaney, Joseph L Reilly, Olga Hoff, Scott A Law, Paul E Burdiss, Paul E. Burdiss, Keith Maio, Jason D Arbuckle, Roger B Porter, Claire A Huang, Harris H. Simmons, Shelley Thomas Williams, Stephen D Quinn, George Feiger, Eric Ellingsen, Kenneth Jay Collins, and Doyle L Arnold

  • The most active insider trader at Zions Bancorporation is Thomas E Laursen with 19 trades.

  • Scott J Mclean has sold the most Zions Bancorporation stock with a total value of $7,627,515.13.

  • Stephen D Quinn has bought the most Zions Bancorporation stock with a total value of $4,362,000.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Zions Bancorporation was on May 17, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Zions Bancorporation was from Stephen D Quinn with a total value of $2,181,000.00 on Feb. 8, 2016.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Zions Bancorporation was from Harris H Simmons with a total value of $2,966,592.36 on Feb. 9, 2021.