Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc (XENE) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $2,644,542.40
Total insider sells:
  • $11,749,081.66
Most recent insider trade:
  • Aug. 15, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Simon N Pimstone
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Aug. 15, 2022Director33,942$37.76Sell$1,281,649.92
Aug. 12, 2022Director91,135$38.28Sell$3,488,647.80
Aug. 12, 2022EVP57,743$38.31Sell$2,212,134.33
March 7, 2022EVP32,853$30.54Sell$1,003,330.62
March 7, 2022Director31,086$30.50Sell$948,123.00
March 4, 2022EVP21,710$30.50Sell$662,155.00
March 4, 2022Director9,325$30.61Sell$285,438.25
Jan. 21, 2022Insider700$28.81Buy$20,167.00
Dec. 6, 2021Insider4,000$24.40Buy$97,600.00
Nov. 15, 2021Director17,557$31.33Sell$550,060.81
May 28, 2021EVP6,067$18.81Sell$114,120.27
May 27, 2021Director11,064$18.68Sell$206,675.52
June 1, 2020CEO3,000$14.43Sell$43,290.00
May 29, 2020CEO5,000$13.99Sell$69,950.00
Sept. 20, 2019CEO10,395$9.51Sell$98,856.45
Sept. 19, 2019Director7,600$9.27Sell$70,452.00
Sept. 17, 2019Director5,069$9.32Sell$47,243.08
Sept. 13, 2019Director23$9.31Sell$214.13
Nov. 15, 2017Director15,000$2.22Buy$33,300.00
Sept. 22, 2017Director10,000$2.95Buy$29,500.00
Aug. 18, 2017Insider1,000$3.00Buy$3,000.00
Aug. 18, 2017Director6,335$2.90Buy$18,371.50
Aug. 15, 2017SVP10,000$2.48Buy$24,800.00
Aug. 15, 2017Major Shareholder18,858$2.41Buy$45,447.78
Aug. 15, 2017Insider60,202$2.61Buy$157,127.22
Aug. 14, 2017Major Shareholder41,344$2.70Buy$111,628.80
Aug. 14, 2017Director15,000$2.75Buy$41,250.00
Aug. 11, 2017Director15,000$2.82Buy$42,300.00
Aug. 10, 2017CFO15,000$2.88Buy$43,200.00
Aug. 10, 2017Director7,000$2.85Buy$19,950.00
Aug. 10, 2017CEO6,000$2.90Buy$17,400.00
Aug. 8, 2017Director5,000$3.00Buy$15,000.00
June 27, 2017Insider85,461$4.00Buy$341,844.00
June 22, 2017Insider20,411$4.00Buy$81,644.00
June 19, 2017Insider26,408$3.84Buy$101,406.72
June 7, 2017Insider358,698$3.81Buy$1,366,639.38
Dec. 15, 2016Director30,000$7.85Sell$235,500.00
Aug. 19, 2016Director11,938$7.65Sell$91,325.70
Aug. 18, 2016Director18,062$7.93Sell$143,231.66
June 24, 2016CFO5,300$6.22Buy$32,966.00
Sept. 24, 2015VP22,149$8.88Sell$196,683.12
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc are: Simon N Pimstone, Frank A Holler, Value Fund L P Biotechnology, Mohammad Azab, James R Empfield, Bvf Partners L P/Il, Sherrington Robin, Ian Mortimer, Y. Paul Goldberg, Christopher John Kenney, Gary Patou, Michael R Hayden, Raymond Winquist, Richard H Scheller, Seggern Christopher Von, and Steven Gannon

  • The most active insider trader at Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc is Simon N Pimstone with 9 trades.

  • Simon N Pimstone has sold the most Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc stock with a total value of $8,047,666.15.

  • Value Fund L P Biotechnology has bought the most Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc stock with a total value of $2,205,788.54.

  • The most recent insider trade for Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc was on Aug. 15, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc was from Value Fund L P Biotechnology with a total value of $1,366,639.38 on June 7, 2017.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc was from Simon N Pimstone with a total value of $3,488,647.80 on Aug. 12, 2022.