Exela Technologies Inc (XELA) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $1,332,190.35
Total insider sells:
  • $26,439,212.80
Most recent insider trade:
  • Dec. 10, 2021
Most active insider trader:
  • Par Chadha
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Dec. 10, 2021CFO60,480$1.24Buy$74,995.20
Dec. 9, 2021Insider32,520$1.23Buy$39,999.60
Dec. 9, 2021Director163,600$1.22Buy$199,592.00
Nov. 15, 2021Chairman100,000$1.66Sell$166,000.00
Nov. 11, 2021Director100,000$1.61Buy$161,000.00
Oct. 15, 2021Chairman100,000$1.69Sell$169,000.00
Sept. 15, 2021Chairman100,000$2.06Sell$206,000.00
Aug. 13, 2021Chairman100,000$2.81Sell$281,000.00
July 15, 2021Chairman100,000$3.47Sell$347,000.00
June 1, 2021Director100,000$1.57Sell$157,000.00
May 3, 2021Director100,000$1.89Sell$189,000.00
March 29, 2021Director100,000$2.22Sell$222,000.00
March 11, 2020Major Shareholder28,647,136$0.10Sell$2,864,713.60
June 25, 2019Director13,234,848$1.65Sell$21,837,499.20
June 25, 2019CFO247,630$1.65Buy$408,589.50
June 25, 2019CEO13,757$1.65Buy$22,699.05
June 19, 2018Director46,500$5.23Buy$243,195.00
May 17, 2018Director10,000$4.55Buy$45,500.00
Nov. 22, 2017Director27,000$5.06Buy$136,620.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Exela Technologies Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Exela Technologies Inc are: Par Chadha, Ex-Sigma 2 Llc, James Reynolds, John H Rexford, Marc A Beilinson, Mark D Fairchild, Nathaniel Lipman, Ronald Clark Cogburn, Shrikant Sortur, Apollo Management Holdings Gp,, and William L Transier

  • The most active insider trader at Exela Technologies Inc is Par Chadha with 9 trades.

  • Ex-Sigma 2 Llc has sold the most Exela Technologies Inc stock with a total value of $43,674,998.40.

  • James Reynolds has bought the most Exela Technologies Inc stock with a total value of $817,179.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Exela Technologies Inc was on Dec. 10, 2021.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Exela Technologies Inc was from James Reynolds with a total value of $408,589.50 on June 25, 2019.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Exela Technologies Inc was from Ex-Sigma 2 Llc with a total value of $21,837,499.20 on June 25, 2019.