Stitch Fix (SFIX) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $112,913,103.79
Total insider sells:
  • $258,910,462.37
Most recent insider trade:
  • April 18, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Katrina Lake
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
April 18, 2024Insider3,004$2.22Sell$6,668.88
March 14, 2024CAO16,311$2.24Sell$36,536.64
Jan. 18, 2024Insider4,692$3.24Sell$15,202.08
Oct. 18, 2023Insider4,693$3.42Sell$16,050.06
Oct. 5, 2023CAO34,309$3.10Sell$106,357.90
July 20, 2023Insider9,262$4.21Sell$38,993.02
April 3, 2023CAO10,000$5.00Sell$50,000.00
March 24, 2023Insider12,000$5.14Sell$61,680.00
July 8, 2022N/A1,000,000$5.43Buy$5,430,000.00
Jan. 20, 2022Major Shareholder100,000$16.10Buy$1,610,000.00
Jan. 18, 2022Major Shareholder150,000$16.28Buy$2,442,000.00
Jan. 14, 2022Major Shareholder150,000$16.83Buy$2,524,500.00
Jan. 10, 2022Major Shareholder37,383$17.74Buy$663,174.42
Jan. 6, 2022Major Shareholder26,279$18.20Buy$478,277.80
Jan. 4, 2022Major Shareholder77,717$18.46Buy$1,434,655.82
Dec. 27, 2021Major Shareholder150,000$20.27Buy$3,040,500.00
Dec. 23, 2021Major Shareholder11,579$19.15Buy$221,737.85
Dec. 16, 2021Major Shareholder70,410$18.05Buy$1,270,900.50
Dec. 14, 2021Major Shareholder73,844$18.47Buy$1,363,898.68
Dec. 10, 2021Major Shareholder222,074$19.78Buy$4,392,623.72
Dec. 6, 2021Major Shareholder500,000$23.91Buy$11,955,000.00
Dec. 3, 2021Major Shareholder500,000$23.39Buy$11,695,000.00
Nov. 18, 2021Director33,368$30.18Sell$1,007,046.24
Nov. 16, 2021Director33,358$32.17Sell$1,073,126.86
Nov. 10, 2021COO20,000$33.36Sell$667,200.00
Oct. 27, 2021Major Shareholder75,000$32.37Buy$2,427,750.00
Oct. 20, 2021Director33,360$33.31Sell$1,111,221.60
Oct. 18, 2021Director33,358$32.36Sell$1,079,464.88
Oct. 14, 2021Major Shareholder50,000$34.39Buy$1,719,500.00
Oct. 12, 2021Major Shareholder100$32.88Buy$3,288.00
Oct. 11, 2021COO20,000$33.49Sell$669,800.00
Sept. 23, 2021COO20,000$40.73Sell$814,600.00
Sept. 20, 2021Major Shareholder225,000$35.73Buy$8,039,250.00
Sept. 17, 2021CEO38,409$34.43Sell$1,322,421.87
Sept. 17, 2021Major Shareholder150,000$34.99Buy$5,248,500.00
Sept. 15, 2021Major Shareholder300,000$34.45Buy$10,335,000.00
Sept. 15, 2021CEO33,358$34.31Sell$1,144,512.98
Sept. 13, 2021Major Shareholder240,000$35.99Buy$8,637,600.00
Sept. 9, 2021Major Shareholder120,000$39.19Buy$4,702,800.00
Aug. 18, 2021CEO33,360$39.77Sell$1,326,727.20
Aug. 16, 2021CEO33,358$41.13Sell$1,372,014.54
Aug. 5, 2021Director10,000$47.83Sell$478,300.00
July 16, 2021CEO43,778$54.04Sell$2,365,763.12
July 14, 2021CEO43,774$59.06Sell$2,585,292.44
June 24, 2021Director20,000$62.29Sell$1,245,800.00
June 21, 2021Major Shareholder9,831$60.89Sell$598,609.59
June 18, 2021CEO198,876$59.63Sell$11,858,975.88
June 15, 2021Director40,000$60.92Sell$2,436,800.00
June 15, 2021Director40,000$60.92Sell$2,436,800.00
June 8, 2021President6,340$66.72Sell$423,004.80
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Stitch Fix stock.

  • The insider traders at Stitch Fix are: Katrina Lake, Mike C Smith, Scott Darling, Marka Hansen, Working Capital Advisors (Uk), Steven M Spurlock, Casey O'connor, J William Gurley, Barry Eggers, Christopher J Schaepe, Paul Yee, Sarah Barkema, Elizabeth Spaulding, Bruce Dunlevie, Mitchell Lasky, Peter Nieh, Alexandre Balkanski, Mike C. Smith, Matt Cohler, GURLEY J WILLIAM, Steven P Anderson, and Peter H Fenton

  • The most active insider trader at Stitch Fix is Katrina Lake with 61 trades.

  • Katrina Lake has sold the most Stitch Fix stock with a total value of $133,004,745.80.

  • Working Capital Advisors (Uk) has bought the most Stitch Fix stock with a total value of $85,815,956.79.

  • The most recent insider trade for Stitch Fix was on April 18, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Stitch Fix was from J William Gurley with a total value of $15,800,000.00 on April 9, 2020.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Stitch Fix was from Steven M Spurlock with a total value of $16,364,345.40 on March 13, 2019.