PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $6,349,285.63
Total insider sells:
  • $370,583,093.93
Most recent insider trade:
  • Sept. 16, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Daniel H Schulman
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Sept. 16, 2022Insider150$94.95Sell$14,242.50
Aug. 4, 2022EVP21,791$97.82Sell$2,131,595.62
May 6, 2022EVP14,767$85.32Sell$1,259,920.44
May 4, 2022Director1,100$88.13Buy$96,943.00
March 4, 2022EVP40,749$100.62Sell$4,100,164.38
Feb. 18, 2022Director4,500$103.96Buy$467,820.00
Feb. 8, 2022Director8,400$119.33Buy$1,002,372.00
Feb. 4, 2022EVP4,245$124.34Sell$527,823.30
Feb. 4, 2022Director4,000$124.85Buy$499,400.00
Feb. 3, 2022CEO7,994$124.57Buy$995,812.58
Dec. 10, 2021CEO10,000$188.81Sell$1,888,100.00
Dec. 3, 2021Director2,770$180.08Buy$498,821.60
Nov. 23, 2021Director1,547$186.47Buy$288,469.09
Nov. 23, 2021EVP12,314$187.32Sell$2,306,658.48
Nov. 16, 2021CAO1,800$215.00Sell$387,000.00
Nov. 12, 2021CEO10,000$206.38Sell$2,063,800.00
Nov. 9, 2021Director9,780$204.42Buy$1,999,227.60
Oct. 29, 2021CEO10,000$234.53Sell$2,345,300.00
Aug. 24, 2021EVP12,314$278.64Sell$3,431,172.96
Aug. 12, 2021CEO10,000$275.23Sell$2,752,300.00
July 30, 2021EVP9,000$279.15Sell$2,512,350.00
July 30, 2021CEO10,000$276.81Sell$2,768,100.00
June 10, 2021CEO10,000$267.77Sell$2,677,700.00
May 25, 2021EVP14,242$258.92Sell$3,687,538.64
May 18, 2021CEO10,000$245.55Sell$2,455,500.00
May 7, 2021CAO1,800$255.70Sell$460,260.00
April 30, 2021CEO10,000$263.11Sell$2,631,100.00
April 30, 2021EVP9,000$264.40Sell$2,379,600.00
April 16, 2021EVP4,000$270.33Sell$1,081,320.00
March 10, 2021CEO10,000$244.29Sell$2,442,900.00
March 3, 2021CFO73,758$261.18Sell$19,264,114.44
March 3, 2021EVP75,269$261.21Sell$19,661,015.49
Feb. 23, 2021EVP46,134$261.38Sell$12,058,504.92
Feb. 17, 2021EVP6,370$298.00Sell$1,898,260.00
Feb. 17, 2021CFO5,377$298.00Sell$1,602,346.00
Feb. 16, 2021CEO10,000$304.32Sell$3,043,200.00
Feb. 16, 2021Director5,290$303.49Sell$1,605,462.10
Feb. 5, 2021EVP1,152$269.11Sell$310,014.72
Feb. 5, 2021CEO10,000$267.76Sell$2,677,600.00
Dec. 11, 2020CEO25,000$212.65Sell$5,316,250.00
Nov. 20, 2020EVP3,109$193.20Sell$600,658.80
Nov. 17, 2020CEO25,000$193.11Sell$4,827,750.00
Oct. 29, 2020CEO25,000$195.48Sell$4,887,000.00
Oct. 26, 2020EVP9,000$202.27Sell$1,820,430.00
Sept. 16, 2020CEO25,000$183.82Sell$4,595,500.00
Aug. 27, 2020Director5,028$206.81Sell$1,039,840.68
Aug. 24, 2020CEO25,000$198.23Sell$4,955,750.00
Aug. 19, 2020EVP16,178$194.10Sell$3,140,149.80
Aug. 3, 2020CEO25,000$196.89Sell$4,922,250.00
July 31, 2020EVP9,000$193.68Sell$1,743,120.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling PayPal Holdings Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at PayPal Holdings Inc are: Daniel H Schulman, John D Rainey, William J Ready, Jonathan Auerbach, Adele Louise Pentland, Gary J Marino, Aaron Karczmer, John J Donahoe, Aaron Anderson, Mark Britto, Peggy Alford, Frank D Yeary, Tomer Barel, Enrique Lores, David W Dorman, Jeffrey William Karbowski, David M Moffett, Gabrielle Scheibe, Daniel H. Schulman, Ann Sarnoff, James Barrese, Rodney C Adkins, Gail J Mcgovern, and David M. Moffett

  • The most active insider trader at PayPal Holdings Inc is Daniel H Schulman with 46 trades.

  • Daniel H Schulman has sold the most PayPal Holdings Inc stock with a total value of $135,302,255.35.

  • John J Donahoe has bought the most PayPal Holdings Inc stock with a total value of $3,998,455.20.

  • The most recent insider trade for PayPal Holdings Inc was on Sept. 16, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for PayPal Holdings Inc was from John J Donahoe with a total value of $1,999,227.60 on Nov. 9, 2021.

  • The single biggest insider sell for PayPal Holdings Inc was from Adele Louise Pentland with a total value of $19,661,015.49 on March 3, 2021.