Mercury Systems Inc (MRCY) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $15,891,731.78
Total insider sells:
  • $62,208,898.92
Most recent insider trade:
  • Feb. 20, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Mark Aslett
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Feb. 20, 2024EVP129$28.75Sell$3,708.75
Feb. 16, 2024CAO276$29.57Sell$8,161.32
Feb. 16, 2024EVP1,409$29.57Sell$41,664.13
Feb. 16, 2024COO1,696$29.57Sell$50,150.72
Feb. 12, 2024CEO3,413$29.30Buy$100,000.90
Feb. 9, 2024CFO3,567$28.09Buy$100,197.03
Feb. 9, 2024Director3,500$27.15Buy$95,025.00
Feb. 9, 2024CEO3,653$28.22Buy$103,087.66
Dec. 19, 2023CAO231$36.90Sell$8,523.90
Nov. 30, 2023Director63,648$34.22Buy$2,178,034.56
Nov. 28, 2023Director64,435$33.14Buy$2,135,375.90
Nov. 20, 2023Director315$34.05Buy$10,725.75
Nov. 16, 2023Director215,550$33.28Buy$7,173,504.00
Oct. 18, 2023EVP2,558$38.59Sell$98,713.22
Oct. 16, 2023EVP1,642$38.81Sell$63,726.02
Sept. 6, 2023EVP1,508$36.65Sell$55,268.20
Aug. 18, 2023Director50,000$38.05Buy$1,902,500.00
Aug. 18, 2023CAO292$37.45Sell$10,935.40
Aug. 18, 2023CEO39,925$37.57Buy$1,499,982.25
Aug. 17, 2023EVP712$36.83Sell$26,222.96
Aug. 16, 2023CAO227$35.27Sell$8,006.29
Feb. 21, 2023CFO273$52.98Sell$14,463.54
Feb. 21, 2023CEO4,765$52.98Sell$252,449.70
Feb. 21, 2023EVP363$52.98Sell$19,231.74
Feb. 16, 2023CAO266$54.37Sell$14,462.42
Feb. 16, 2023CEO4,708$54.37Sell$255,973.96
Feb. 16, 2023EVP476$54.37Sell$25,880.12
Oct. 15, 2022EVP1,691$42.89Sell$72,526.99
Sept. 15, 2022EVP2,584$46.45Sell$120,026.80
Aug. 25, 2022CAO468$51.72Sell$24,204.96
Aug. 19, 2022CAO1,652$51.23Sell$84,631.96
Aug. 17, 2022CAO411$51.27Sell$21,071.97
Aug. 17, 2022CFO1,162$51.17Sell$59,459.54
Aug. 17, 2022CEO3,725$51.23Sell$190,831.75
Aug. 17, 2022EVP461$51.24Sell$23,621.64
Aug. 15, 2022CAO837$51.44Sell$43,055.28
Aug. 15, 2022CFO1,172$51.40Sell$60,240.80
Aug. 15, 2022CEO3,507$51.35Sell$180,084.45
Aug. 15, 2022EVP931$51.46Sell$47,909.26
Aug. 9, 2022CAO830$50.03Sell$41,524.90
Aug. 5, 2022Director5,000$50.59Buy$252,950.00
Dec. 1, 2021CAO1,506$49.60Sell$74,697.60
June 3, 2021CAO801$65.31Sell$52,313.31
April 22, 2021CEO2,500$76.89Sell$192,225.00
April 7, 2021CEO1,250$73.60Sell$92,000.00
March 31, 2021CEO7,500$70.35Sell$527,625.00
March 16, 2021CAO793$69.32Sell$54,970.76
Feb. 16, 2021CFO6,207$72.54Sell$450,255.78
Feb. 8, 2021CEO1,250$75.15Sell$93,937.50
Feb. 5, 2021CEO1,250$75.58Sell$94,475.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Mercury Systems Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Mercury Systems Inc are: Mark Aslett, Didier M C Thibaud, Michelle M Mccarthy, Gerald M Haines II, Michael Ruppert, Charles A Speicher, Christopher C Cambria, Vincent Vitto, Jana Partners Management, Lp, William L Ballhaus, James Mitch Stevison, James Bass, Charles Speicher, Christopher C. Cambria, Didier M. C. Thibaud, Didier Thibaud, Kevin M Bisson, Michael A Daniels, Howard L Lance, Jana Partners Llc, Gerald Haines II, Kevin Bisson, Brian E Perry, Lee C Steele, Douglas Munro, Barry R Nearhos, David E Farnsworth, Charles Roger Iv Wells, Stephanie Georges, Steven Ratner, Thomas Huber, Allen Couture, and James K Bass

  • The most active insider trader at Mercury Systems Inc is Mark Aslett with 73 trades.

  • Mark Aslett has sold the most Mercury Systems Inc stock with a total value of $33,951,677.01.

  • Jana Partners Management, Lp has bought the most Mercury Systems Inc stock with a total value of $13,675,674.77.

  • The most recent insider trade for Mercury Systems Inc was on Feb. 20, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Mercury Systems Inc was from Jana Partners Management, Lp with a total value of $7,173,504.00 on Nov. 16, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Mercury Systems Inc was from Mark Aslett with a total value of $3,485,280.00 on Nov. 16, 2016.