Mid Penn Bancorp (MPB) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $1,856,475.83
Total insider sells:
  • $22,870.48
Most recent insider trade:
  • Jan. 30, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • John E Noone
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Jan. 30, 2023Director3,300$30.43Buy$100,419.00
Sept. 30, 2022Director261$28.73Buy$7,498.53
Aug. 1, 2022Director3,000$28.78Buy$86,340.00
June 30, 2022Director112$26.97Buy$3,020.64
May 18, 2022Director500$25.39Buy$12,695.00
May 6, 2022Director1,000$25.79Buy$25,790.00
March 31, 2022Director93$26.81Buy$2,493.33
March 1, 2022Director50$27.16Buy$1,358.00
Feb. 24, 2022Director500$27.15Buy$13,575.00
Feb. 4, 2022Director1,000$28.68Buy$28,680.00
Dec. 14, 2021Director500$29.86Sell$14,930.00
Sept. 30, 2021Director91$27.55Buy$2,507.05
July 29, 2021Director150$26.48Buy$3,972.00
June 30, 2021Director18$27.45Buy$494.10
April 30, 2021CFO750$25.00Buy$18,750.00
April 30, 2021EVP800$25.00Buy$20,000.00
April 30, 2021COO1,000$25.00Buy$25,000.00
April 30, 2021Director400$25.00Buy$10,000.00
Sept. 30, 2020Director58$17.31Buy$1,003.98
Sept. 10, 2020CFO500$19.17Buy$9,585.00
Sept. 9, 2020Director2,635$19.00Buy$50,065.00
Sept. 9, 2020Director2,635$19.00Buy$50,065.00
July 31, 2020Director1,000$19.73Buy$19,730.00
June 30, 2020Director162$18.43Buy$2,985.66
June 11, 2020Director1,000$19.10Buy$19,100.00
May 14, 2020Director1,000$16.96Buy$16,960.00
May 12, 2020Director500$18.71Buy$9,355.00
April 29, 2020Director500$20.50Buy$10,250.00
March 31, 2020Director24$20.25Buy$486.00
March 16, 2020CFO1,400$16.53Buy$23,142.00
March 11, 2020Director1,000$17.00Buy$17,000.00
March 10, 2020CEO100$17.84Buy$1,784.00
March 9, 2020Director1,300$18.00Buy$23,400.00
March 5, 2020CEO1,000$20.53Buy$20,530.00
March 4, 2020Director1,500$21.05Buy$31,575.00
Feb. 28, 2020Director1,500$22.13Buy$33,195.00
Feb. 25, 2020EVP300$23.75Buy$7,125.00
Feb. 21, 2020Director1,000$24.50Buy$24,500.00
Feb. 18, 2020Director730$24.25Buy$17,702.50
Feb. 14, 2020Director1,101$24.25Buy$26,699.25
Feb. 12, 2020Director2,299$24.49Buy$56,302.51
Feb. 7, 2020Director1,056$24.52Buy$25,893.12
Feb. 3, 2020Director1,063$24.41Buy$25,947.83
Nov. 7, 2019Director500$26.50Buy$13,250.00
Nov. 5, 2019Director304$26.12Sell$7,940.48
Sept. 30, 2019Director78$25.63Buy$1,999.14
Aug. 15, 2019Director200$23.42Buy$4,684.00
Aug. 8, 2019Director1,000$24.64Buy$24,640.00
June 28, 2019Director201$24.95Buy$5,014.95
March 29, 2019Director204$24.50Buy$4,998.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Mid Penn Bancorp stock.

  • The insider traders at Mid Penn Bancorp are: John E Noone, Robert A Abel, Soto Matthew G. De, Theodore W. Mowery, Robert A. Abel, Robert E. Klinger, Michael D Peduzzi, Kelly K. Neiderer, John E. Noone, Soto Matthew G De, Robert C. Grubic, Theodore W Mowery, William A Specht III, Robert J. Moisey, Justin T. Webb, Kimberly J Brumbaugh, Joseph L Paese, Rory G Ritrievi, David E Sparks, William A. Specht III, Alan P. Novak, Edward P. Williams, Gregory M. Kerwin, Joan E. Dickinson, Joseph L. Paese, Kimberly J. Brumbaugh, Maureen M Gathagan, Michael D. Peduzzi, Noble C Quandel Jr, Noble C. Quandel, Jr., Patrick M Smith, Robert E Klinger, Rory G. Ritrievi, Steven T. Boyer, and Alan P Novak

  • The most active insider trader at Mid Penn Bancorp is John E Noone with 15 trades.

  • David E Sparks has sold the most Mid Penn Bancorp stock with a total value of $37,800.48.

  • John E Noone has bought the most Mid Penn Bancorp stock with a total value of $376,029.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Mid Penn Bancorp was on Jan. 30, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Mid Penn Bancorp was from Theodore W Mowery with a total value of $100,419.00 on Jan. 30, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Mid Penn Bancorp was from David E Sparks with a total value of $14,930.00 on Dec. 14, 2021.