Medalist Diversified Reit Inc (MDRR) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $4,022,518.74
Total insider sells:
  • $2,879,200.00
Most recent insider trade:
  • Sept. 26, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Charles Brent Jr. Winn
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Sept. 26, 2022Major Shareholder141,900$0.90Buy$127,710.00
Sept. 21, 2022Major Shareholder69,764$0.86Buy$59,997.04
Sept. 19, 2022Major Shareholder77,062$0.83Buy$63,961.46
Aug. 16, 2022CFO20,000$0.93Buy$18,600.00
Aug. 11, 2022Major Shareholder50,000$0.89Buy$44,500.00
July 25, 2022Major Shareholder209,236$0.88Buy$184,127.68
June 17, 2022Insider20,000$0.93Buy$18,600.00
June 16, 2022CFO30,568$0.89Buy$27,205.52
June 14, 2022CFO11,000$0.91Buy$10,010.00
June 14, 2022Insider10,000$0.95Buy$9,500.00
May 12, 2022CFO41,997$0.93Buy$39,057.21
Dec. 6, 2021Director10,000$1.03Buy$10,300.00
Dec. 3, 2021Insider10,000$1.04Buy$10,400.00
Nov. 18, 2021CFO100$1.10Buy$110.00
Aug. 13, 2021CFO10,000$1.15Buy$11,500.00
June 10, 2021Major Shareholder1,480,000$1.84Sell$2,723,200.00
June 1, 2021Major Shareholder100,000$1.56Sell$156,000.00
May 18, 2021CFO5,000$1.40Buy$7,000.00
May 11, 2021Major Shareholder10,000$1.48Buy$14,800.00
March 19, 2021CFO2,000$2.26Buy$4,520.00
March 16, 2021CFO2,000$2.19Buy$4,380.00
May 20, 2020CFO6,500$1.89Buy$12,285.00
April 7, 2020Director1,000$1.69Buy$1,690.00
Nov. 8, 2019Director11,285$4.05Buy$45,704.25
May 31, 2019Major Shareholder414,526$4.83Buy$2,002,160.58
May 30, 2019Director20,000$2.22Buy$44,400.00
Nov. 30, 2018Major Shareholder125,000$10.00Buy$1,250,000.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Medalist Diversified Reit Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Medalist Diversified Reit Inc are: Charles Brent Jr. Winn, Alfred Lee Finley, Thomas E Messier, Ault Global Holdings, Inc., Neil P Farmer, Birth-Related Neurolo Virginia, Craig W Thomas, and Mark L Sr. Mullinix

  • The most active insider trader at Medalist Diversified Reit Inc is Charles Brent Jr. Winn with 10 trades.

  • Ault Global Holdings, Inc. has sold the most Medalist Diversified Reit Inc stock with a total value of $5,602,400.00.

  • Birth-Related Neurolo Virginia has bought the most Medalist Diversified Reit Inc stock with a total value of $5,254,321.16.

  • The most recent insider trade for Medalist Diversified Reit Inc was on Sept. 26, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Medalist Diversified Reit Inc was from Birth-Related Neurolo Virginia with a total value of $2,002,160.58 on May 31, 2019.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Medalist Diversified Reit Inc was from Ault Global Holdings, Inc. with a total value of $2,723,200.00 on June 10, 2021.