Lam Research Corp (LRCX) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $799,167.60
Total insider sells:
  • $314,573,194.54
Most recent insider trade:
  • Aug. 7, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Timothy Archer
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Aug. 7, 2023CFO1,894$705.86Sell$1,336,898.84
Aug. 1, 2023SVP13,756$717.46Sell$9,869,379.76
Aug. 1, 2023CAO1,627$708.85Sell$1,153,298.95
July 3, 2023Director882$642.86Sell$567,002.52
April 3, 2023Director881$524.09Sell$461,723.29
Jan. 3, 2023Director880$429.72Sell$378,153.60
Dec. 21, 2022EVP3,540$450.00Sell$1,593,000.00
Nov. 9, 2022Director0$432.71Sell$0.00
April 26, 2022Director1,736$460.35Buy$799,167.60
April 1, 2022SVP700$541.22Sell$378,854.00
March 3, 2022EVP537$560.50Sell$300,988.50
Feb. 1, 2022SVP700$590.00Sell$413,000.00
Jan. 13, 2022SVP10,000$712.50Sell$7,125,000.00
Dec. 15, 2021SVP500$680.00Sell$340,000.00
Dec. 1, 2021CEO4,383$700.00Sell$3,068,100.00
Nov. 29, 2021CEO11,329$675.00Sell$7,647,075.00
Nov. 19, 2021CEO4,691$650.00Sell$3,049,150.00
Nov. 5, 2021SVP8,357$608.07Sell$5,081,640.99
Oct. 25, 2021CFO5,295$555.21Sell$2,939,836.95
Sept. 15, 2021SVP500$603.79Sell$301,895.00
Aug. 27, 2021CEO4,464$600.00Sell$2,678,400.00
June 15, 2021SVP500$646.92Sell$323,460.00
June 14, 2021CEO5,000$650.00Sell$3,250,000.00
June 10, 2021CEO5,000$634.23Sell$3,171,150.00
May 10, 2021CEO4,465$621.41Sell$2,774,595.65
March 1, 2021EVP4,166$576.56Sell$2,401,948.96
Feb. 8, 2021CEO4,464$515.00Sell$2,298,960.00
Dec. 29, 2020CEO15,793$475.66Sell$7,512,098.38
Dec. 21, 2020SVP10,000$469.12Sell$4,691,200.00
Nov. 13, 2020CFO8,184$425.19Sell$3,479,754.96
Nov. 6, 2020Director225$406.45Sell$91,451.25
Nov. 5, 2020CEO15,000$400.00Sell$6,000,000.00
Oct. 22, 2020CFO14,556$358.01Sell$5,211,193.56
Oct. 12, 2020CEO15,540$370.00Sell$5,749,800.00
Sept. 2, 2020CFO9,623$355.60Sell$3,421,938.80
Aug. 4, 2020EVP5,293$384.52Sell$2,035,264.36
July 31, 2020EVP17,655$370.82Sell$6,546,827.10
July 13, 2020EVP10,719$343.00Sell$3,676,617.00
July 10, 2020SVP12,059$335.55Sell$4,046,397.45
July 6, 2020SVP10,688$330.00Sell$3,527,040.00
April 27, 2020CEO28,910$270.00Sell$7,805,700.00
Feb. 6, 2020Director1,010$325.11Sell$328,361.10
Feb. 4, 2020Director1,350$325.10Sell$438,885.00
Jan. 31, 2020CEO10,000$308.00Sell$3,080,000.00
Jan. 2, 2020CEO13,026$295.78Sell$3,852,830.28
Dec. 19, 2019SVP3,831$287.80Sell$1,102,561.80
Dec. 19, 2019EVP17,621$287.80Sell$5,071,323.80
Dec. 16, 2019SVP164$286.15Sell$46,928.60
Dec. 11, 2019SVP1,620$268.75Sell$435,375.00
Dec. 6, 2019CEO10,000$270.00Sell$2,700,000.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Lam Research Corp stock.

  • The insider traders at Lam Research Corp are: Timothy Archer, Richard A. Gottscho, Patrick J. Lord, Stephen G. Newberry, Martin B. Anstice, Sarah A. O'dowd, Douglas R. Bettinger, Scott Gerald Meikle, Kevin Jennings, Seshasayee Varadarajan, Stephen G Newberry, Douglas R Bettinger, Vahid Vahedi, Christine Heckart, Douglas Bettinger, Abhijit Y Talwalkar, Abhijit Y. Talwalkar, Mansy Youssef A. El, Martin B Anstice, Richard A Gottscho, Sarah A O'dowd, Sarah O'dowd, Krishna Saraswat, Stephen Newberry, Martin Anstice, Sohail U Ahmed, Leslie F. Varon, Christina Corrreia, Catherine P Lego, Richard Gottscho, and Michael R. Cannon

  • The most active insider trader at Lam Research Corp is Timothy Archer with 38 trades.

  • Timothy Archer has sold the most Lam Research Corp stock with a total value of $118,579,060.43.

  • Catherine P Lego has bought the most Lam Research Corp stock with a total value of $1,598,335.20.

  • The most recent insider trade for Lam Research Corp was on Aug. 7, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Lam Research Corp was from Catherine P Lego with a total value of $799,167.60 on April 26, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Lam Research Corp was from Richard A. Gottscho with a total value of $9,961,120.50 on March 16, 2017.