Liberty Media Formula One Corp A (FWONA) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $402,669,583.36
Total insider sells:
  • $308,119,056.61
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 13, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • John C Malone
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 13, 2024Chairman139,065$68.98Sell$9,592,703.70
May 10, 2024Chairman89,951$70.53Sell$6,344,244.03
April 29, 2024Major Shareholder311,637$25.47Buy$7,937,394.39
April 26, 2024Major Shareholder219,303$24.46Buy$5,364,151.38
April 24, 2024Major Shareholder123,388$25.22Buy$3,111,845.36
April 12, 2024Major Shareholder413,227$25.58Buy$10,570,346.66
April 10, 2024Major Shareholder513,104$25.96Buy$13,320,179.84
April 8, 2024Major Shareholder938,896$26.98Buy$25,331,414.08
April 4, 2024Major Shareholder1,250,000$27.76Buy$34,700,000.00
March 27, 2024Major Shareholder189,759$29.25Buy$5,550,450.75
March 25, 2024Major Shareholder199,664$28.82Buy$5,754,316.48
March 21, 2024Major Shareholder333,916$28.92Buy$9,656,850.72
March 11, 2024Major Shareholder20,609$29.94Buy$617,033.46
March 11, 2024Director87$40.24Sell$3,500.88
March 8, 2024Major Shareholder521,804$29.86Buy$15,581,067.44
March 6, 2024Major Shareholder1,188,000$29.39Buy$34,915,320.00
March 4, 2024Major Shareholder234,194$28.77Buy$6,737,761.38
Jan. 31, 2024Major Shareholder356,487$30.36Buy$10,822,945.32
Jan. 24, 2024Major Shareholder213,385$30.99Buy$6,612,801.15
Jan. 16, 2024Major Shareholder543,977$30.43Buy$16,553,220.11
Jan. 12, 2024Major Shareholder469,563$30.40Buy$14,274,715.20
Dec. 19, 2023Director21,478$27.97Sell$600,739.66
Nov. 28, 2023Director3,258$65.07Sell$211,998.06
Aug. 16, 2023CEO5,182$32.82Sell$170,073.24
Aug. 15, 2023Chairman41,154$70.02Sell$2,881,603.08
Aug. 11, 2023Chairman120,631$70.30Sell$8,480,359.30
Aug. 9, 2023Chairman120,900$70.89Sell$8,570,601.00
Aug. 7, 2023Chairman140,000$35.70Buy$4,998,000.00
July 7, 2023Major Shareholder500$39.96Buy$19,980.00
June 6, 2023Insider5,882$73.79Sell$434,032.78
April 24, 2023CAO1,370$36.00Sell$49,320.00
April 17, 2023Major Shareholder700$35.95Buy$25,165.00
March 29, 2023CAO3,137$75.11Sell$235,620.07
March 27, 2023CAO7,252$74.51Sell$540,346.52
March 21, 2023CAO9,058$73.22Sell$663,226.76
March 16, 2023CEO50,000$26.71Buy$1,335,500.00
March 14, 2023CEO6,584$69.52Sell$457,719.68
March 13, 2023Major Shareholder500$32.32Buy$16,160.00
March 6, 2023Chairman119,680$74.59Sell$8,926,931.20
March 3, 2023Chairman285,320$74.95Sell$21,384,734.00
Jan. 11, 2023CAO1,370$35.00Sell$47,950.00
Jan. 5, 2023Major Shareholder200$32.80Buy$6,560.00
Dec. 28, 2022Major Shareholder7,200$32.58Buy$234,576.00
Dec. 23, 2022Major Shareholder800$32.58Buy$26,064.00
Dec. 14, 2022Director527$32.36Sell$17,053.72
Dec. 2, 2022CAO1,045$33.00Sell$34,485.00
Nov. 30, 2022CAO24,218$46.46Sell$1,125,168.28
Nov. 22, 2022Director916$59.09Sell$54,126.44
Nov. 7, 2022Director259$31.34Sell$8,117.06
Oct. 13, 2022Major Shareholder1,000$29.31Buy$29,310.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Liberty Media Formula One Corp A stock.

  • The insider traders at Liberty Media Formula One Corp A are: John C Malone, Gamco Investors, Inc. Et Al, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Gregory B Maffei, Albert E Rosenthaler, Brian J Wendling, Malcolm Ian Grant Gilchrist, R. Ted Weschler, Richard N Baer, Christopher W Shean, Art L.P. Ancient, Richard N. Baer, Andrea L Wong, Brian Deevy, GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL, Gregory B. Maffei, Andrea L. Wong, John C. Malone, Larry E Romrell, Mark D Carleton, Albert Rosenthaler, Christopher Shean, Brian J. Wendling, David E Rapley, David E. Rapley, and Donne F Fisher

  • The most active insider trader at Liberty Media Formula One Corp A is John C Malone with 37 trades.

  • John C Malone has sold the most Liberty Media Formula One Corp A stock with a total value of $205,882,705.35.

  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc has bought the most Liberty Media Formula One Corp A stock with a total value of $235,349,208.11.

  • The most recent insider trade for Liberty Media Formula One Corp A was on May 13, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Liberty Media Formula One Corp A was from John C Malone with a total value of $56,418,655.00 on Dec. 18, 2012.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Liberty Media Formula One Corp A was from Gregory B Maffei with a total value of $39,202,581.40 on Oct. 2, 2012.