Funko Inc (FNKO) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $20,264,265.62
Total insider sells:
  • $272,109,736.05
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 13, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Andrew Mark Perlmutter
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 13, 2024Insider9,603$7.42Sell$71,254.26
April 30, 2024Insider3,755$6.06Sell$22,755.30
April 30, 2024CFO88$5.95Sell$523.60
April 22, 2024Insider2,353$6.21Sell$14,612.13
April 22, 2024CFO223$6.22Sell$1,387.06
April 3, 2024Insider7,500$6.08Sell$45,600.00
April 2, 2024CFO4,134$6.10Sell$25,217.40
March 11, 2024Insider4,808$6.45Sell$31,011.60
March 11, 2024CRO2,337$6.62Sell$15,470.94
March 7, 2024CRO3,422$6.41Sell$21,935.02
Feb. 28, 2024CFO6,352$7.08Sell$44,972.16
Oct. 13, 2023Major Shareholder12,570$7.24Buy$91,006.80
Oct. 11, 2023Major Shareholder1,509$7.25Buy$10,940.25
Oct. 9, 2023Major Shareholder16,029$6.86Buy$109,958.94
Oct. 5, 2023Major Shareholder33,994$7.04Buy$239,317.76
Oct. 2, 2023Major Shareholder9,349$7.25Buy$67,780.25
Sept. 28, 2023Major Shareholder300$7.24Buy$2,172.00
Sept. 20, 2023Major Shareholder102$7.25Buy$739.50
Sept. 11, 2023Major Shareholder71,399$6.96Buy$496,937.04
Sept. 7, 2023Major Shareholder7,647$7.01Buy$53,605.47
Sept. 5, 2023Major Shareholder125,558$6.79Buy$852,538.82
Aug. 29, 2023Major Shareholder8,478$6.46Buy$54,767.88
Aug. 24, 2023Major Shareholder90,185$6.06Buy$546,521.10
Aug. 22, 2023Major Shareholder71,247$6.21Buy$442,443.87
Aug. 17, 2023CFO55,500$5.45Buy$302,475.00
Aug. 16, 2023Major Shareholder256,561$5.34Buy$1,370,035.74
Aug. 1, 2023President142,012$8.04Sell$1,141,776.48
May 2, 2023Insider3,004$9.40Sell$28,237.60
May 2, 2023President8,054$9.40Sell$75,707.60
May 1, 2023CRO3,630$9.66Sell$35,065.80
April 24, 2023CRO2,437$9.09Sell$22,152.33
March 9, 2023Insider2,284$8.29Sell$18,934.36
March 9, 2023President5,941$8.29Sell$49,250.89
March 9, 2023CRO2,334$8.47Sell$19,768.98
March 6, 2023CRO570$9.84Sell$5,608.80
Jan. 17, 2023Insider6,136$12.00Sell$73,632.00
Jan. 17, 2023CEO14,302$11.87Sell$169,764.74
Sept. 19, 2022Insider26,800$22.78Sell$610,504.00
Sept. 19, 2022CFO37,207$23.39Sell$870,271.73
Aug. 15, 2022CFO814$20.64Sell$16,800.96
June 28, 2022CEO41,733$23.76Sell$991,576.08
June 28, 2022Insider802$24.25Sell$19,448.50
June 23, 2022Insider7,893$22.64Sell$178,697.52
May 19, 2022Director4,720$21.00Sell$99,120.00
May 6, 2022Insider225,000$19.90Sell$4,477,500.00
May 2, 2022Insider1,808$16.24Sell$29,361.92
May 2, 2022CEO3,978$16.24Sell$64,602.72
April 29, 2022CFO2,779$16.22Sell$45,075.38
April 22, 2022CFO1,850$17.04Sell$31,524.00
April 22, 2022CEO2,466$17.07Sell$42,094.62
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Funko Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Funko Inc are: Andrew Mark Perlmutter, Brian Richard Mariotti, Fundamental Capital Partners,, Working Capital Advisors (Uk), Tracy D Daw, Adam M Kriger, Equity Genpar L.L.C. Acon, Andrew David Oddie, Jung Jennifer Fall, Kenneth R Brotman, Charles D Denson, Richard L Mcnally, Russell Eugene Nickel, Pendeven Yves Le, Tracy D. Daw, Woodson Capital Management, Lp, Fifth Street Station Llc, Steve Nave, and Gino Dellomo

  • The most active insider trader at Funko Inc is Andrew Mark Perlmutter with 18 trades.

  • Adam M Kriger has sold the most Funko Inc stock with a total value of $106,498,142.90.

  • Fifth Street Station Llc has bought the most Funko Inc stock with a total value of $14,625,210.38.

  • The most recent insider trade for Funko Inc was on May 13, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Funko Inc was from Fifth Street Station Llc with a total value of $4,902,027.76 on June 3, 2019.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Funko Inc was from Adam M Kriger with a total value of $91,512,000.00 on Sept. 19, 2019.