FNCB Bancorp Inc (FNCB) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $1,227,744.81
Total insider sells:
  • $252,022.67
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 18, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Vithalbhai D Dhaduk
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 18, 2022EVP899$7.79Sell$7,003.21
May 18, 2022SVP846$7.79Sell$6,590.34
May 12, 2022Director4,762$8.40Buy$40,000.80
March 3, 2022SVP4,782$9.50Sell$45,429.00
Sept. 9, 2021Director11,900$7.99Buy$95,081.00
Aug. 20, 2021Director5,038$7.94Buy$40,001.72
May 18, 2021SVP1,635$7.22Sell$11,804.70
July 29, 2020SVP1,495$5.71Sell$8,536.45
May 28, 2020SVP387$6.11Sell$2,364.57
Nov. 6, 2019CFO2,000$7.96Sell$15,920.00
Sept. 4, 2019SVP3,000$7.18Sell$21,540.00
Aug. 28, 2019Director4,572$7.34Buy$33,558.48
Aug. 6, 2019Insider1,200$7.25Sell$8,700.00
May 21, 2019Insider542$7.76Sell$4,205.92
May 21, 2019SVP608$7.76Sell$4,718.08
Feb. 26, 2019Director5,000$7.55Buy$37,750.00
Feb. 8, 2019CEO2,571$7.00Buy$17,997.00
Feb. 8, 2019CFO1,247$7.00Buy$8,729.00
Feb. 8, 2019Insider1,071$7.00Buy$7,497.00
Feb. 8, 2019Director17,856$7.00Buy$124,992.00
June 15, 2018Director5,000$9.00Buy$45,000.00
June 14, 2018CFO4,000$8.24Sell$32,960.00
June 13, 2018Director4,467$8.88Buy$39,666.96
June 6, 2018Director4,053$9.06Buy$36,720.18
May 31, 2018Director383$9.10Buy$3,485.30
May 29, 2018Director1,100$9.22Buy$10,142.00
May 25, 2018Director1,550$9.21Buy$14,275.50
May 16, 2018Director200$9.10Buy$1,820.00
April 26, 2018Director2,500$9.54Buy$23,850.00
Dec. 18, 2017Director5,000$7.00Buy$35,000.00
Nov. 27, 2017Director4,000$6.91Buy$27,640.00
Aug. 29, 2017CFO1,500$7.50Sell$11,250.00
Aug. 7, 2017SVP6,000$7.66Sell$45,960.00
May 23, 2017Insider1,967$7.60Sell$14,949.20
May 23, 2017SVP412$7.60Sell$3,131.20
Dec. 7, 2016Director2,484$4.75Buy$11,799.00
Nov. 30, 2016Insider1,200$5.80Sell$6,960.00
Nov. 28, 2016Director53,955$4.75Buy$256,286.25
Nov. 15, 2016Director8,925$4.75Buy$42,393.75
June 2, 2016Director5,700$5.70Buy$32,490.00
Feb. 11, 2016Director500$5.75Buy$2,875.00
Feb. 5, 2016Director500$5.95Buy$2,975.00
June 5, 2015Director1,500$6.15Buy$9,225.00
Dec. 15, 2014Director4,918$6.25Buy$30,737.50
Sept. 10, 2014Director2,000$6.00Buy$12,000.00
June 4, 2014Director20,000$6.00Buy$120,000.00
Sept. 12, 2013VP2,000$4.00Buy$8,000.00
May 21, 2013Director4,931$3.85Buy$18,984.35
Sept. 13, 2012Director11,294$2.83Buy$31,962.02
Sept. 13, 2012VP1,300$3.70Buy$4,810.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling FNCB Bancorp Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at FNCB Bancorp Inc are: Vithalbhai D Dhaduk, Louis A Denaples Jr, Louis A. Denaples, Keith W Eckel, Stephanie A Westington, James M Bone Jr, William Mcguigan, Dominick L Denaples, Lisa L. Kinney, Louis A Denaples, Ronald S Jr. Honick, Ronald S. Jr. Honick, William G Bracey, Raymond Gregory Collins, Richard D. Drust, Donald Ryan, Aaron J Cunningham, Lisa L Kinney, Gerard A Champi, Stephanie A. Westington, Kathleen Mccarthy Lambert, and James M. Bone, Jr.

  • The most active insider trader at FNCB Bancorp Inc is Vithalbhai D Dhaduk with 10 trades.

  • Lisa L Kinney has sold the most FNCB Bancorp Inc stock with a total value of $90,858.00.

  • Louis A. Denaples has bought the most FNCB Bancorp Inc stock with a total value of $322,278.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for FNCB Bancorp Inc was on May 18, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for FNCB Bancorp Inc was from Louis A. Denaples with a total value of $256,286.25 on Nov. 28, 2016.

  • The single biggest insider sell for FNCB Bancorp Inc was from Lisa L. Kinney with a total value of $45,960.00 on Aug. 7, 2017.