DexCom Inc (DXCM) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $1,581,100.00
Total insider sells:
  • $679,712,956.48
Most recent insider trade:
  • April 8, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Steven Robert Pacelli
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
April 8, 2024CEO49,633$138.30Sell$6,864,243.90
March 28, 2024EVP2,624$140.04Sell$367,464.96
March 25, 2024EVP4,137$140.00Sell$579,180.00
March 12, 2024EVP20,321$133.61Sell$2,715,088.81
March 12, 2024CFO11,661$134.41Sell$1,567,355.01
March 12, 2024CEO81,007$133.36Sell$10,803,093.52
March 12, 2024COO14,639$134.41Sell$1,967,627.99
Feb. 20, 2024CFO3,363$116.73Sell$392,562.99
Jan. 16, 2024CEO37,325$123.63Sell$4,614,489.75
Jan. 16, 2024COO3,978$123.63Sell$491,800.14
Jan. 16, 2024Director1,568$122.86Sell$192,644.48
Jan. 16, 2024CFO2,734$123.63Sell$338,004.42
Jan. 16, 2024EVP2,902$123.63Sell$358,774.26
Dec. 12, 2023Director3,000$120.00Sell$360,000.00
Dec. 11, 2023EVP392$117.66Sell$46,122.72
Dec. 1, 2023EVP3,612$114.56Sell$413,790.72
Nov. 24, 2023Director411$110.80Sell$45,538.80
Nov. 22, 2023EVP1,176$110.00Sell$129,360.00
Nov. 15, 2023Director1,000$101.26Sell$101,260.00
Nov. 8, 2023EVP2,019$95.22Sell$192,249.18
Oct. 23, 2023Director411$85.75Sell$35,243.25
Oct. 16, 2023Director1,000$77.58Sell$77,580.00
Sept. 22, 2023Director411$88.40Sell$36,332.40
Sept. 15, 2023Director1,000$101.50Sell$101,500.00
Sept. 12, 2023Director600$106.56Sell$63,936.00
Sept. 1, 2023SVP56$102.32Sell$5,729.92
Aug. 23, 2023Director411$107.03Sell$43,989.33
Aug. 22, 2023CFO1,844$104.38Sell$192,476.72
Aug. 9, 2023EVP392$110.71Sell$43,398.32
July 24, 2023Director412$130.58Sell$53,798.96
July 14, 2023Director5,031$136.00Sell$684,216.00
July 10, 2023EVP392$128.05Sell$50,195.60
June 23, 2023Director412$125.92Sell$51,879.04
June 15, 2023SVP2,115$130.00Sell$274,950.00
June 9, 2023EVP393$121.31Sell$47,674.83
May 23, 2023Director412$118.65Sell$48,883.80
May 22, 2023CFO2,400$117.58Sell$282,192.00
May 9, 2023EVP393$120.19Sell$47,234.67
April 27, 2023Director5,031$126.00Sell$633,906.00
April 24, 2023Director412$124.68Sell$51,368.16
April 20, 2023EVP30,764$125.00Sell$3,845,500.00
April 20, 2023SVP2,007$125.00Sell$250,875.00
April 17, 2023EVP2,781$120.00Sell$333,720.00
April 10, 2023EVP393$112.35Sell$44,153.55
April 3, 2023EVP3,612$114.48Sell$413,501.76
April 3, 2023CEO20,812$114.46Sell$2,382,141.52
March 23, 2023Director5,442$116.40Sell$633,448.80
March 16, 2023SVP2,303$115.00Sell$264,845.00
March 13, 2023EVP2,010$106.27Sell$213,602.70
March 13, 2023SVP6,229$106.27Sell$661,955.83
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling DexCom Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at DexCom Inc are: Steven Robert Pacelli, Terrance H Gregg, Richard Doubleday, Kevin R. Sayer, Andrew K Balo, Andrew K. Balo, Jeffrey Moy, Jess Roper, Patrick Michael Murphy, Jorge A Valdes, John Lister, Kevin R Sayer, Steven R Altman, Nicholas Augustinos, Jay S Skyler, Terrance H. Gregg, Shelly Ramasamy Selvaraj, Jacob Steven Leach, Mark G Foletta, Jereme M Sylvain, Sadie Stern, Barbara Kahn, Terrance Gregg, Quentin S. Blackford, Jereme M. Sylvain, Donald Abbey, Heather S. Ace, Barry J Regan, Andrew Balo, Chad Patterson, Matthew Vincent Dolan, Sumi Shrishrimal, Jorge Valdes, Jorge A. Valdes, Michael Jon Brown, Jonathan T. Md Lord, Paul R Flynn, Richard Alexander Collins, Jonathan T Md Lord, Eric Topol, Jay Skyler, Paul R. Flynn, Bridgette P Heller, Mark G. Foletta, and Bridgette P. Heller

  • The most active insider trader at DexCom Inc is Steven Robert Pacelli with 90 trades.

  • Kevin R. Sayer has sold the most DexCom Inc stock with a total value of $97,008,683.39.

  • Jay S Skyler has bought the most DexCom Inc stock with a total value of $2,170,000.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for DexCom Inc was on April 8, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for DexCom Inc was from Jay S Skyler with a total value of $1,085,000.00 on March 11, 2013.

  • The single biggest insider sell for DexCom Inc was from Kevin R. Sayer with a total value of $14,465,133.41 on Jan. 12, 2021.