Diodes Incorporated (DIOD) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $140,000.00
Total insider sells:
  • $208,775,054.01
Most recent insider trade:
  • Feb. 29, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Keh Shew Lu
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Feb. 29, 2024CEO3,000$68.14Sell$204,420.00
Feb. 28, 2024CFO3,400$67.30Sell$228,820.00
Feb. 26, 2024CEO12,000$68.78Sell$825,360.00
Feb. 22, 2024CEO6,000$68.98Sell$413,880.00
Feb. 20, 2024CEO1,500$68.06Sell$102,090.00
Aug. 30, 2023COO2,700$80.96Sell$218,592.00
Aug. 23, 2023Insider1,988$82.50Sell$164,010.00
Aug. 23, 2023COO3,300$82.62Sell$272,646.00
June 1, 2023Director630$96.37Sell$60,713.10
May 30, 2023SVP3,747$96.56Sell$361,810.32
May 30, 2023Insider2,000$96.37Sell$192,740.00
May 30, 2023CEO3,000$97.00Sell$291,000.00
May 26, 2023CEO3,000$96.40Sell$289,200.00
May 26, 2023COO1,000$96.50Sell$96,500.00
May 26, 2023SVP1,125$94.88Sell$106,740.00
May 22, 2023CEO3,683$95.74Sell$352,610.42
May 22, 2023COO1,000$95.07Sell$95,070.00
May 19, 2023CEO24,000$94.68Sell$2,272,320.00
May 18, 2023CFO1,819$93.23Sell$169,585.37
May 17, 2023CEO5,000$93.04Sell$465,200.00
May 17, 2023SVP1,635$93.36Sell$152,643.60
May 16, 2023COO2,000$90.21Sell$180,420.00
March 16, 2023Director10,000$90.00Sell$900,000.00
Feb. 27, 2023SVP2,913$92.05Sell$268,141.65
Feb. 22, 2023SVP8,075$88.71Sell$716,333.25
Feb. 16, 2023SVP1,000$95.12Sell$95,120.00
Feb. 16, 2023CFO1,989$95.02Sell$188,994.78
Feb. 14, 2023CEO5,000$97.00Sell$485,000.00
Feb. 10, 2023SVP30,600$92.97Sell$2,844,882.00
Feb. 9, 2023CEO2,000$96.30Sell$192,600.00
Feb. 7, 2023CEO1,000$96.00Sell$96,000.00
Feb. 2, 2023SVP10,000$95.50Sell$955,000.00
Feb. 2, 2023CFO380$93.72Sell$35,613.60
Feb. 1, 2023CEO16,000$92.50Sell$1,480,000.00
Nov. 30, 2022CEO8,000$91.38Sell$731,040.00
Nov. 23, 2022CEO3,974$89.88Sell$357,183.12
Nov. 18, 2022CEO6,026$89.50Sell$539,327.00
Nov. 16, 2022CFO3,436$85.86Sell$295,014.96
Nov. 15, 2022CEO28,678$85.27Sell$2,445,373.06
Nov. 15, 2022SVP6,933$88.50Sell$613,570.50
Nov. 10, 2022CEO1,000$81.00Sell$81,000.00
Aug. 16, 2022CEO3,000$83.11Sell$249,330.00
July 5, 2022CFO600$60.00Sell$36,000.00
April 14, 2022SVP2,000$70.00Buy$140,000.00
Feb. 24, 2022SVP31,385$84.98Sell$2,667,097.30
Feb. 15, 2022Insider5,000$89.39Sell$446,950.00
Feb. 15, 2022SVP3,250$89.39Sell$290,517.50
Jan. 3, 2022CEO1,870$113.18Sell$211,646.60
Dec. 27, 2021CEO3,000$112.30Sell$336,900.00
Dec. 7, 2021CEO3,000$112.00Sell$336,000.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Diodes Incorporated stock.

  • The insider traders at Diodes Incorporated are: Keh Shew Lu, Richard Dallas White, Francis Tang, C H Chen, Julie Holland, Emily Yang, John M Stich, Semiconductor Corp Lite-On, Clemente Beltran, Mark A King, Brett R Whitmire, Evan Yu, Michael R Giordano, Raymond Soong, Shiao Kwang Edmund Tang, Gary Yu, Joseph Liu, John Stich, Jin Zhao, Alex Chi Ming Hui, Corp Silitek, Michael Kuo-Chih Tsai, Colin Greene, Peter M Menard, Chieh Chang, C H. Chen, Andy Tsong, and Mark King

  • The most active insider trader at Diodes Incorporated is Keh Shew Lu with 97 trades.

  • Keh Shew Lu has sold the most Diodes Incorporated stock with a total value of $92,747,897.96.

  • Francis Tang has bought the most Diodes Incorporated stock with a total value of $280,000.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Diodes Incorporated was on Feb. 29, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Diodes Incorporated was from Francis Tang with a total value of $140,000.00 on April 14, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Diodes Incorporated was from Corp Silitek with a total value of $7,060,984.75 on Aug. 25, 2014.