Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc (DAWN) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $30,187,281.49
Total insider sells:
  • $30,671,038.54
Most recent insider trade:
  • Sept. 21, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Samuel C Blackman
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Sept. 21, 2022Director613,603$18.55Sell$11,382,335.65
Sept. 20, 2022Major Shareholder148,670$19.51Sell$2,900,551.70
Sept. 19, 2022Director76,725$20.57Sell$1,578,233.25
Sept. 16, 2022Major Shareholder115,307$21.55Sell$2,484,865.85
Sept. 15, 2022Director51,281$22.85Sell$1,171,770.85
Sept. 14, 2022Major Shareholder106,111$23.68Sell$2,512,708.48
Sept. 13, 2022Director87,647$24.40Sell$2,138,586.80
Aug. 16, 2022CFO1,089$24.31Sell$26,473.59
Aug. 16, 2022CEO4,003$24.31Sell$97,312.93
Aug. 16, 2022Insider941$24.31Sell$22,875.71
Aug. 4, 2022Director5,000$20.00Sell$100,000.00
Aug. 4, 2022CFO10,000$20.05Sell$200,500.00
Aug. 4, 2022CEO12,500$20.00Sell$250,000.00
Aug. 1, 2022Insider10,000$16.88Sell$168,800.00
July 18, 2022CFO2,500$20.00Sell$50,000.00
July 18, 2022Director2,600$20.00Sell$52,000.00
July 8, 2022COO, CFO and Secretary1,416$20.00Sell$28,320.00
July 8, 2022Chief Executive Officer1,795$20.00Sell$35,900.00
July 8, 2022N/A1,242$20.00Sell$24,840.00
July 5, 2022CEO857$20.00Sell$17,140.00
July 5, 2022CFO800$20.00Sell$16,000.00
July 1, 2022CFO1,479$20.00Sell$29,580.00
July 1, 2022CEO1,746$20.00Sell$34,920.00
July 1, 2022Director1,000$20.00Sell$20,000.00
July 1, 2022Insider10,000$18.72Sell$187,200.00
June 17, 2022Major Shareholder1,200,000$15.00Buy$18,000,000.00
June 17, 2022Director766,667$15.00Buy$11,500,005.00
June 15, 2022Insider50,000$16.26Sell$813,000.00
Jan. 20, 2022Major Shareholder4,615$14.73Buy$67,978.95
Jan. 18, 2022Major Shareholder43,429$14.26Buy$619,297.54
Jan. 3, 2022Insider10,000$17.10Sell$171,000.00
Dec. 8, 2021Major Shareholder110,338$18.03Sell$1,989,394.14
Dec. 6, 2021Major Shareholder97,692$18.05Sell$1,763,340.60
Dec. 3, 2021Major Shareholder12,517$18.47Sell$231,188.99
Dec. 1, 2021Insider10,000$17.22Sell$172,200.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc are: Samuel C Blackman, Charles N York II, Jeremy Bender, Julie Papanek Grant, Papanek Julie Grant, Xi L.P. Canaan, Ai Day1 Llc, Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Takeda, York Charles N II, Bender Jeremy, Grant Papanek Julie, and Michael Gladstone

  • The most active insider trader at Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc is Samuel C Blackman with 6 trades.

  • Julie Papanek Grant has sold the most Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc stock with a total value of $27,653,262.20.

  • Ai Day1 Llc has bought the most Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc stock with a total value of $36,687,276.49.

  • The most recent insider trade for Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc was on Sept. 21, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc was from Ai Day1 Llc with a total value of $18,000,000.00 on June 17, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc was from Julie Papanek Grant with a total value of $11,382,335.65 on Sept. 21, 2022.