Consumer Portfolio Services Inc (CPSS) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $9,154,278.10
Total insider sells:
  • $19,758,442.53
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 30, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Greg Washer
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 30, 2024Director2,052$8.05Sell$16,518.60
May 28, 2024Director2,094$7.93Sell$16,605.42
Dec. 15, 2023Director8,000$9.26Sell$74,080.00
Dec. 16, 2022Director9,000$7.77Buy$69,930.00
Sept. 8, 2022VP25,000$11.30Sell$282,500.00
Aug. 16, 2022VP8,591$13.96Sell$119,930.36
June 29, 2022Major Shareholder40,062$10.33Buy$413,840.46
June 27, 2022Major Shareholder25,477$10.51Buy$267,763.27
June 23, 2022Major Shareholder47,579$10.52Buy$500,531.08
June 16, 2022Major Shareholder26,455$10.47Buy$276,983.85
June 13, 2022Major Shareholder50,000$10.35Buy$517,500.00
June 1, 2022VP100$13.75Sell$1,375.00
May 26, 2022EVP25,000$13.30Sell$332,500.00
May 13, 2022VP10,000$14.01Sell$140,100.00
May 11, 2022VP10,000$14.76Sell$147,600.00
May 9, 2022VP10,000$14.42Sell$144,200.00
May 4, 2022VP50,000$14.00Sell$700,000.00
May 2, 2022VP50,000$11.50Sell$575,000.00
May 2, 2022EVP30,000$11.80Sell$354,000.00
April 28, 2022EVP12,088$11.87Sell$143,484.56
April 25, 2022VP25,000$11.20Sell$280,000.00
April 21, 2022EVP1,051$12.27Sell$12,895.77
April 21, 2022VP966$12.01Sell$11,601.66
April 6, 2022Major Shareholder1,986$10.97Buy$21,786.42
April 4, 2022Major Shareholder16,284$10.73Buy$174,727.32
March 16, 2022VP25,000$11.00Sell$275,000.00
March 14, 2022Chairman30,000$10.67Sell$320,100.00
March 10, 2022Chairman30,000$11.15Sell$334,500.00
March 8, 2022VP10,000$11.90Sell$119,000.00
March 8, 2022EVP7,475$11.62Sell$86,859.50
March 7, 2022Major Shareholder36,677$11.09Buy$406,747.93
March 4, 2022Director1,500$10.90Buy$16,350.00
March 4, 2022Major Shareholder24,200$11.34Buy$274,428.00
Feb. 28, 2022VP2,861$12.00Sell$34,332.00
Feb. 25, 2022VP1,432$12.00Sell$17,184.00
Feb. 24, 2022CFO1,285$11.50Sell$14,777.50
Feb. 22, 2022Major Shareholder4,569$10.78Buy$49,253.82
Feb. 17, 2022Major Shareholder9,100$10.76Buy$97,916.00
Feb. 14, 2022Major Shareholder54,690$10.75Buy$587,917.50
Feb. 11, 2022Major Shareholder243,933$10.07Buy$2,456,405.31
Feb. 4, 2022Major Shareholder7,362$10.78Buy$79,362.36
Jan. 26, 2022Major Shareholder4,020$10.78Buy$43,335.60
Jan. 24, 2022Major Shareholder20,426$10.11Buy$206,506.86
Jan. 20, 2022Major Shareholder13,504$10.63Buy$143,547.52
Jan. 18, 2022Major Shareholder17,844$10.63Buy$189,681.72
Jan. 13, 2022Major Shareholder3,721$10.56Buy$39,293.76
Jan. 11, 2022Major Shareholder5,301$10.54Buy$55,872.54
Dec. 27, 2021Major Shareholder14,088$9.49Buy$133,695.12
Nov. 11, 2021VP6$7.99Sell$47.94
June 22, 2021Director200$4.51Buy$902.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Consumer Portfolio Services Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Consumer Portfolio Services Inc are: Greg Washer, Second Curve Capital Llc, Black Diamond Capital Manageme, Levine Leichtman Capital Partn, Curtis K Powell, Jeffrey P Fritz, Chris Terry, Teri Robinson, Daniel S Wood, Michael T Lavin, Louis M Grasso, Mark Creatura, Charles E Bradley Jr, Laurie Straten, Richard Brian Haskell, William Warwick Grounds, Brian Rayhill, Chris Adams, Citigroup Inc, and John Patrick Harton

  • The most active insider trader at Consumer Portfolio Services Inc is Greg Washer with 24 trades.

  • Levine Leichtman Capital Partn has sold the most Consumer Portfolio Services Inc stock with a total value of $10,610,013.76.

  • Black Diamond Capital Manageme has bought the most Consumer Portfolio Services Inc stock with a total value of $7,350,936.90.

  • The most recent insider trade for Consumer Portfolio Services Inc was on May 30, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Consumer Portfolio Services Inc was from Black Diamond Capital Manageme with a total value of $2,456,405.31 on Feb. 11, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Consumer Portfolio Services Inc was from Levine Leichtman Capital Partn with a total value of $2,573,605.05 on Nov. 7, 2013.