Total insider buys:
  • $123,000.00
Total insider sells:
  • $11,347,351.22
Most recent insider trade:
  • Feb. 16, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Lynn A Peterson
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Feb. 16, 2024CFO3,000$165.00Sell$495,000.00
Feb. 1, 2024CFO3,000$154.15Sell$462,450.00
Jan. 4, 2024CFO6,000$169.80Sell$1,018,800.00
Dec. 14, 2023Director1,250$163.75Sell$204,687.50
Nov. 15, 2023COO1,500$163.46Sell$245,190.00
Oct. 16, 2023Director3,000$169.19Sell$507,570.00
Oct. 16, 2023COO1,500$168.71Sell$253,065.00
Sept. 15, 2023COO1,500$160.40Sell$240,600.00
Sept. 15, 2023Director3,000$159.05Sell$477,150.00
Aug. 31, 2023COO1,500$160.00Sell$240,000.00
Aug. 8, 2023CFO7,632$161.26Sell$1,230,736.32
Aug. 7, 2023COO1,111$160.00Sell$177,760.00
Aug. 4, 2023COO3,630$160.01Sell$580,836.30
July 17, 2023Director3,000$146.29Sell$438,870.00
July 12, 2023COO7,259$160.03Sell$1,161,657.77
June 15, 2023Director3,000$150.03Sell$450,090.00
May 15, 2023Director3,000$140.56Sell$421,680.00
April 17, 2023Director3,000$144.94Sell$434,820.00
April 3, 2023Director3,000$142.03Sell$426,090.00
Feb. 15, 2023Director1,048$140.06Sell$146,782.88
Jan. 18, 2023Director4,685$140.07Sell$656,227.95
Jan. 3, 2023Director1,250$135.07Sell$168,837.50
Dec. 27, 2022Director700$140.15Sell$98,105.00
Dec. 23, 2022Director615$140.00Sell$86,100.00
Nov. 15, 2022COO1,500$160.01Sell$240,015.00
Nov. 15, 2022Insider3,000$161.41Sell$484,230.00
Aug. 5, 2022Director1,000$123.00Buy$123,000.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC stock.

  • The insider traders at CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC are: Lynn A Peterson, Charles J Rimer, Michael H Lou, Douglas E Brooks, Paul Korus, and Samantha Holroyd

  • The most active insider trader at CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC is Lynn A Peterson with 12 trades.

  • Lynn A Peterson has sold the most CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC stock with a total value of $5,135,285.83.

  • Douglas E Brooks has bought the most CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC stock with a total value of $246,000.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC was on Feb. 16, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC was from Douglas E Brooks with a total value of $123,000.00 on Aug. 5, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for CHORDIANT SOFTWARE INC was from Michael H Lou with a total value of $1,230,736.32 on Aug. 8, 2023.