Carlyle Group Inc (CG) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $49,675,161.44
Total insider sells:
  • $2,598,747,909.43
Most recent insider trade:
  • July 10, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Carlyle Group Inc.
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
July 10, 2024Major Shareholder24,390$30.09Sell$733,895.10
July 8, 2024Major Shareholder59,973$30.39Sell$1,822,579.47
July 5, 2024Major Shareholder50,739$31.15Sell$1,580,519.85
July 3, 2024Major Shareholder52,724$30.87Sell$1,627,589.88
July 1, 2024Major Shareholder81,110$32.21Sell$2,612,553.10
June 28, 2024Major Shareholder49,937$33.05Sell$1,650,417.85
June 26, 2024Major Shareholder81,482$33.19Sell$2,704,387.58
June 24, 2024Major Shareholder73,713$34.34Sell$2,531,304.42
June 20, 2024Major Shareholder67,207$34.89Sell$2,344,852.23
June 17, 2024Major Shareholder99,642$35.99Sell$3,586,115.58
June 14, 2024Major Shareholder127,981$36.19Sell$4,631,632.39
June 12, 2024Major Shareholder64,263$40.23Sell$2,585,300.49
Feb. 8, 2024Major Shareholder190,000$12.95Buy$2,460,500.00
Sept. 12, 2023Major Shareholder1,269,537$8.52Buy$10,816,455.24
Aug. 28, 2023Major Shareholder3,012,049$8.30Buy$25,000,006.70
Aug. 2, 2023Insider13,413$32.36Sell$434,044.68
Aug. 2, 2023COO27,067$32.36Sell$875,888.12
Aug. 2, 2023General Counsel11,939$32.36Sell$386,346.04
Aug. 2, 2023CFO25,828$32.36Sell$835,794.08
Aug. 2, 2023CAO6,669$32.36Sell$215,808.84
May 8, 2023Major Shareholder2,000,000$86.12Sell$172,240,000.00
Feb. 7, 2023Insider19,476$36.10Sell$703,083.60
Feb. 7, 2023CFO19,401$36.10Sell$700,376.10
Feb. 7, 2023General Counsel12,053$36.10Sell$435,113.30
Feb. 7, 2023COO20,756$36.10Sell$749,291.60
Feb. 1, 2023General Counsel6,908$36.36Sell$251,174.88
Feb. 1, 2023CFO10,395$36.36Sell$377,962.20
Feb. 1, 2023COO11,096$36.36Sell$403,450.56
Feb. 1, 2023Insider10,467$36.36Sell$380,580.12
Jan. 27, 2023Major Shareholder3,133,333$1.50Buy$4,699,999.50
Aug. 17, 2022Major Shareholder9,925$20.25Sell$200,981.25
Aug. 15, 2022Major Shareholder167,755$50.85Sell$8,530,341.75
Aug. 11, 2022Major Shareholder160,862$49.00Sell$7,882,238.00
Aug. 9, 2022Major Shareholder181,938$46.26Sell$8,416,451.88
Aug. 3, 2022Major Shareholder14,852$45.02Sell$668,637.04
Aug. 1, 2022COO34,054$37.85Sell$1,288,943.90
Aug. 1, 2022CAO4,698$37.85Sell$177,819.30
Aug. 1, 2022Insider8,743$37.85Sell$330,922.55
Aug. 1, 2022General Counsel9,070$37.85Sell$343,299.50
Aug. 1, 2022CFO38,890$37.85Sell$1,471,986.50
June 6, 2022Director2,000,000$38.67Sell$77,340,000.00
April 20, 2022Major Shareholder100$57.00Sell$5,700.00
April 13, 2022Major Shareholder85,323$57.13Sell$4,874,502.99
April 7, 2022Major Shareholder8,546$57.23Sell$489,087.58
Feb. 8, 2022CFO71,803$48.90Sell$3,511,166.70
Feb. 8, 2022COO76,897$48.90Sell$3,760,263.30
Feb. 8, 2022General Counsel33,331$48.90Sell$1,629,885.90
Feb. 8, 2022Insider10,743$48.90Sell$525,332.70
Feb. 8, 2022CEO359,317$48.90Sell$17,570,601.30
Feb. 1, 2022General Counsel6,820$52.25Sell$356,345.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Carlyle Group Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Carlyle Group Inc are: Carlyle Group Inc., Curtis L Buser, Jeffrey W Ferguson, Pamela L Bentley, Carlyle Group Management L.L.C, Christopher Finn, Kewsong Lee, Bruce M Larson, David M Rubenstein, Ltd. Cagp, Charles Elliott Jr. Andrews, Glenn A Youngkin, Daniel A D'aniello, Edward J Mathias, Subsidiary Holdings L.L.C. Cg, David M. Rubenstein, Thomas S Robertson, Curtis Buser, Curtis L. Buser, Janet Hill, Michael J Cavanagh, Pamela L. Bentley, Peter J Clare, and Anthony Welters

  • The most active insider trader at Carlyle Group Inc is Carlyle Group Inc. with 24 trades.

  • Carlyle Group Management L.L.C has sold the most Carlyle Group Inc stock with a total value of $1,378,083,980.01.

  • Subsidiary Holdings L.L.C. Cg has bought the most Carlyle Group Inc stock with a total value of $46,632,917.18.

  • The most recent insider trade for Carlyle Group Inc was on July 10, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Carlyle Group Inc was from Subsidiary Holdings L.L.C. Cg with a total value of $25,000,006.70 on Aug. 28, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Carlyle Group Inc was from Carlyle Group Management L.L.C with a total value of $310,365,200.00 on May 7, 2020.