Broadwind Energy Inc (BWEN) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $443,370.24
Total insider sells:
  • $12,760,110.98
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 28, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Awm Investment Company, Inc.
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 28, 2024Insider5,800$4.53Sell$26,274.00
Nov. 16, 2023Director10,000$2.18Buy$21,800.00
Sept. 6, 2023Director10,000$3.99Sell$39,900.00
Aug. 21, 2023Insider2,500$3.86Buy$9,650.00
Aug. 21, 2023Director250$3.92Buy$980.00
Aug. 17, 2023Director1,790$3.46Buy$6,193.40
Aug. 16, 2023Insider3,000$3.56Buy$10,680.00
Nov. 11, 2022Insider4,800$1.67Buy$8,016.00
Nov. 11, 2022CEO5,000$1.69Buy$8,450.00
Dec. 16, 2021Director7,088$2.10Sell$14,884.80
Nov. 16, 2021Director7,500$3.07Sell$23,025.00
Oct. 19, 2021Director7,500$3.04Sell$22,800.00
Sept. 20, 2021Director7,500$2.88Sell$21,600.00
Sept. 17, 2021Director7,500$2.91Sell$21,825.00
Aug. 17, 2021Director7,500$3.13Sell$23,475.00
July 19, 2021Director10,412$3.96Sell$41,231.52
June 16, 2021Director17,500$4.73Sell$82,775.00
May 27, 2021Director20,000$4.47Sell$89,400.00
May 17, 2021Director4,000$4.32Sell$17,280.00
April 19, 2021Director17,500$4.90Sell$85,750.00
March 15, 2021Insider4,000$6.10Buy$24,400.00
Sept. 11, 2020Director19,002$3.16Sell$60,046.32
March 13, 2020Director10,000$1.30Buy$13,000.00
Dec. 13, 2019Director10,000$1.83Buy$18,300.00
Dec. 13, 2019CFO2,500$1.83Buy$4,575.00
Aug. 22, 2019Insider10,000$1.80Buy$18,000.00
Aug. 16, 2019CFO2,000$1.65Buy$3,300.00
Aug. 13, 2019CFO3,000$1.86Buy$5,580.00
Aug. 9, 2019CFO500$1.88Buy$940.00
April 24, 2019Insider3,720$1.86Sell$6,919.20
Aug. 17, 2017Director3,000$3.09Buy$9,270.00
Aug. 9, 2017Director4,592$3.61Buy$16,577.12
Aug. 8, 2017Director1,592$3.61Buy$5,747.12
Aug. 7, 2017Director1,000$3.75Buy$3,750.00
May 2, 2017Director5,441$7.50Sell$40,807.50
Feb. 24, 2017Insider1,000$5.19Sell$5,190.00
June 14, 2016VP6,000$4.35Sell$26,100.00
March 18, 2016Major Shareholder71,300$2.43Sell$173,259.00
March 16, 2016Major Shareholder40,000$2.27Sell$90,800.00
March 15, 2016Major Shareholder23,092$2.15Sell$49,647.80
March 9, 2016Major Shareholder1,200$2.19Sell$2,628.00
March 7, 2016Major Shareholder9,966$2.10Sell$20,928.60
March 3, 2016Major Shareholder700$2.09Sell$1,463.00
Feb. 5, 2016Major Shareholder7,500$2.00Sell$15,000.00
Dec. 15, 2015Major Shareholder425,991$2.10Sell$894,581.10
Dec. 10, 2015Director10,000$2.07Buy$20,700.00
June 25, 2015Major Shareholder71,850$4.32Sell$310,392.00
June 18, 2015Major Shareholder83,450$4.16Sell$347,152.00
June 11, 2015Major Shareholder40,000$3.98Sell$159,200.00
June 10, 2015Major Shareholder30,500$4.09Sell$124,745.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Broadwind Energy Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Broadwind Energy Inc are: Awm Investment Company, Inc., Austin W & Greenhouse Da Marxe, Stephanie K Kushner, David P Reiland, Peter C Duprey, Jason Lee Bonfigt, Stephanie K. Kushner, Daniel E Schueller, David P. Reiland, Sachin M Shivaram, Thomas A Wagner, Daniel E. Schueller, Thomas A. Wagner, Eric B Blashford, Hayes M Kennedy, Hayes M. Kennedy, Jeanette A Press, Jeffrey L Et Al Gendell, Jesse E Jr. Collins, and Robert R Rogowski

  • The most active insider trader at Broadwind Energy Inc is Awm Investment Company, Inc. with 18 trades.

  • Austin W & Greenhouse Da Marxe has sold the most Broadwind Energy Inc stock with a total value of $8,975,439.48.

  • Peter C Duprey has bought the most Broadwind Energy Inc stock with a total value of $214,800.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Broadwind Energy Inc was on May 28, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Broadwind Energy Inc was from Peter C Duprey with a total value of $65,700.00 on Oct. 31, 2014.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Broadwind Energy Inc was from Austin W & Greenhouse Da Marxe with a total value of $1,621,950.00 on Oct. 15, 2013.