BioLife Solutions Inc (BLFS) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $76,276,552.94
Total insider sells:
  • $133,867,465.93
Most recent insider trade:
  • Aug. 25, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Michael Rice
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Aug. 25, 2023CFO585$10.99Sell$6,429.15
Aug. 25, 2023CRO347$10.99Sell$3,813.53
Aug. 25, 2023SVP179$10.99Sell$1,967.21
Aug. 25, 2023Insider410$10.99Sell$4,505.90
Aug. 25, 2023CEO1,729$10.99Sell$19,001.71
Aug. 25, 2023EVP519$10.99Sell$5,703.81
Aug. 14, 2023CEO277$12.38Sell$3,429.26
Aug. 14, 2023CMO134$12.38Sell$1,658.92
Aug. 14, 2023CRO108$12.38Sell$1,337.04
Aug. 14, 2023SVP109$12.57Sell$1,370.13
Aug. 14, 2023Insider156$12.38Sell$1,931.28
Aug. 14, 2023EVP180$12.38Sell$2,228.40
Aug. 14, 2023CFO94$12.57Sell$1,181.58
Aug. 9, 2023Major Shareholder58,465$13.20Buy$771,738.00
July 24, 2023CRO679$19.50Sell$13,240.50
July 24, 2023Insider462$19.50Sell$9,009.00
July 20, 2023EVP10,000$20.07Sell$200,700.00
July 11, 2023CRO331$22.79Sell$7,543.49
June 27, 2023CMO489$22.91Sell$11,202.99
June 27, 2023EVP695$22.91Sell$15,922.45
June 27, 2023CEO877$22.91Sell$20,092.07
June 27, 2023Insider590$22.91Sell$13,516.90
June 22, 2023EVP10,000$23.32Sell$233,200.00
June 22, 2023CFO541$23.41Sell$12,664.81
May 31, 2023CMO337$23.21Sell$7,821.77
May 31, 2023CFO560$23.21Sell$12,997.60
May 31, 2023EVP504$23.21Sell$11,697.84
May 31, 2023CEO1,679$23.21Sell$38,969.59
May 31, 2023Insider392$23.21Sell$9,098.32
May 24, 2023EVP10,000$22.14Sell$221,400.00
May 22, 2023Major Shareholder24,973$21.86Buy$545,909.78
May 18, 2023Major Shareholder30,000$21.76Buy$652,800.00
May 17, 2023CEO33,333$21.04Sell$701,326.32
May 16, 2023Major Shareholder15,000$20.19Buy$302,850.00
May 16, 2023CFO137$19.41Sell$2,659.17
May 15, 2023CEO190$18.71Sell$3,554.90
May 15, 2023CRO75$18.71Sell$1,403.25
May 15, 2023CMO92$18.71Sell$1,721.32
May 15, 2023Insider106$18.71Sell$1,983.26
May 15, 2023EVP125$18.71Sell$2,338.75
April 19, 2023EVP10,000$19.47Sell$194,700.00
April 19, 2023Insider292$19.33Sell$5,644.36
April 19, 2023CRO430$19.33Sell$8,311.90
April 14, 2023CRO215$21.05Sell$4,525.75
April 6, 2023Insider1,101$20.03Sell$22,053.03
April 6, 2023CEO3,214$20.03Sell$64,376.42
April 6, 2023CRO771$20.03Sell$15,443.13
April 6, 2023EVP2,093$20.03Sell$41,922.79
April 6, 2023CMO1,545$20.03Sell$30,946.35
March 29, 2023Insider390$20.62Sell$8,041.80
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling BioLife Solutions Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at BioLife Solutions Inc are: Michael Rice, Aby J Mathew, Greef Roderick De, Todd Berard, Karen A Foster, Marcus Schulz, Walter Villiger, James Mathers, Troy Wichterman, Andrew G Hinson, Sarah Aebersold, Joseph C Schick, Casdin Partners Master Fund, L, Raymond W Cohen, Aby J. Mathew, Thomas Girschweiler, Geraint Phillips, Karen A. Foster, Raymond W. Cohen, Schulz Marcus, Amy Duross, DE GREEF RODERICK, Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg, and Andrew G. Hinson

  • The most active insider trader at BioLife Solutions Inc is Michael Rice with 117 trades.

  • Walter Villiger has sold the most BioLife Solutions Inc stock with a total value of $39,423,925.78.

  • Casdin Partners Master Fund, L has bought the most BioLife Solutions Inc stock with a total value of $76,966,259.52.

  • The most recent insider trade for BioLife Solutions Inc was on Aug. 25, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for BioLife Solutions Inc was from Casdin Partners Master Fund, L with a total value of $36,000,000.00 on Nov. 24, 2020.

  • The single biggest insider sell for BioLife Solutions Inc was from Thomas Girschweiler with a total value of $7,334,927.30 on May 13, 2020.