Autodesk Inc (ADSK) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $0.00
Total insider sells:
  • $255,393,829.00
Most recent insider trade:
  • July 12, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Carl Bass
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
July 12, 2022VP & Chief Accounting Officer327$177.43Sell$58,019.61
May 31, 2022EVP1,608$207.86Sell$334,238.88
April 1, 2022CAO59$215.75Sell$12,729.25
March 28, 2022CAO1,626$212.30Sell$345,199.80
March 28, 2022CFO1,820$212.30Sell$386,386.00
March 9, 2022CFO3,953$202.71Sell$801,312.63
Jan. 11, 2022CAO197$260.47Sell$51,312.59
Dec. 13, 2021CAO79$267.89Sell$21,163.31
Dec. 3, 2021CEO4,724$256.27Sell$1,210,619.48
Nov. 24, 2021CAO109$262.88Sell$28,653.92
Oct. 1, 2021CAO86$283.06Sell$24,343.16
Sept. 8, 2021CFO5,481$289.81Sell$1,588,448.61
Sept. 8, 2021CAO262$286.46Sell$75,052.52
Sept. 2, 2021CEO2,434$286.18Sell$696,562.12
Aug. 26, 2021CEO23,957$315.44Sell$7,556,996.08
April 1, 2021CAO83$279.02Sell$23,158.66
March 31, 2021CRO9,195$275.92Sell$2,537,084.40
March 30, 2021EVP64$268.18Sell$17,163.52
March 26, 2021CEO19,704$264.12Sell$5,204,220.48
March 24, 2021CEO24,031$264.03Sell$6,344,904.93
March 23, 2021CRO6,772$268.90Sell$1,820,990.80
March 23, 2021CAO593$268.91Sell$159,463.63
March 23, 2021EVP3,790$268.91Sell$1,019,168.90
Dec. 11, 2020CAO79$280.25Sell$22,139.75
Oct. 1, 2020CAO83$232.76Sell$19,319.08
Sept. 21, 2020Director2,475$220.80Sell$546,480.00
Sept. 15, 2020CAO312$234.31Sell$73,104.72
Sept. 8, 2020CAO236$224.16Sell$52,901.76
Aug. 28, 2020Director8,236$245.64Sell$2,023,091.04
July 2, 2020SVP6,884$242.28Sell$1,667,855.52
June 19, 2020CEO22,639$241.04Sell$5,456,904.56
June 18, 2020SVP7,490$237.67Sell$1,780,148.30
May 26, 2020CFO11,531$200.00Sell$2,306,200.00
May 19, 2020SVP8,186$195.00Sell$1,596,270.00
April 1, 2020CAO81$147.53Sell$11,949.93
March 23, 2020CAO212$147.81Sell$31,335.72
Jan. 2, 2020CAO80$184.21Sell$14,736.80
Dec. 18, 2019SVP4,994$185.00Sell$923,890.00
Oct. 1, 2019CAO35$146.25Sell$5,118.75
Sept. 17, 2019CAO856$152.25Sell$130,326.00
Sept. 9, 2019CAO263$151.02Sell$39,718.26
June 20, 2019CEO2,434$169.47Sell$412,489.98
June 17, 2019Director2,039$157.83Sell$321,815.37
June 13, 2019Director1,300$164.54Sell$213,902.00
June 6, 2019Director1,000$161.09Sell$161,090.00
April 10, 2019SVP16,838$168.68Sell$2,840,233.84
April 4, 2019SVP11,437$166.86Sell$1,908,377.82
March 29, 2019Insider10,023$154.67Sell$1,550,257.41
March 15, 2019Insider10,440$153.21Sell$1,599,512.40
March 7, 2019Director1,000$152.90Sell$152,900.00
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  • Insiders are selling Autodesk Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Autodesk Inc are: Carl Bass, Crawford W Beveridge, Andrew Anagnost, Stephen W. Hope, Fronzo Pascal W. Di, Jan Becker, Steven M. Blum, Kris Halvorsen, Steven M Blum, J Hallam Dawson, Paul D Underwood, Betsy Rafael, Stephen W Hope, Lorrie M. Norrington, Fronzo Pascal Di, Mark Hawkins, Richard Scott Herren, Fronzo Pascal W Di, Crawford Beveridge, Deborah Clifford, Mark J Hawkins, Steven Blum, Amarpreet Hanspal, Crawford W. Beveridge, Karen Blasing, Lorrie M Norrington, Mary Mcdowell, Mary T Mcdowell, Mary T. Mcdowell, Paul D. Underwood, Rebecca Pearce, Paul Underwood, Lorrie Norrington, Hope Stephen W., Charles J Robel, Carmel Galvin, and Steven West

  • The most active insider trader at Autodesk Inc is Carl Bass with 23 trades.

  • Carl Bass has sold the most Autodesk Inc stock with a total value of $95,195,109.04.

  • The most recent insider trade for Autodesk Inc was on July 12, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Autodesk Inc was from Carl Bass with a total value of $33,016,136.14 on Jan. 3, 2014.