Aclaris Therapeutics Inc (ACRS) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $50,995,596.97
Total insider sells:
  • $87,198,723.38
Most recent insider trade:
  • Aug. 28, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Kamil Ali-Jackson
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Aug. 28, 2023Insider14,705$6.80Buy$99,994.00
Aug. 21, 2023Insider6,000$7.32Sell$43,920.00
June 20, 2023Insider6,000$10.28Sell$61,680.00
March 9, 2023CEO6,500$7.74Buy$50,310.00
March 2, 2023Director29,000$12.37Sell$358,730.00
March 2, 2023Insider14,800$12.37Sell$183,076.00
March 2, 2023CFO1,000$12.29Sell$12,290.00
Feb. 8, 2023Insider4,267$13.89Sell$59,268.63
Jan. 3, 2023Director25,000$15.25Sell$381,250.00
Dec. 15, 2022Insider5,000$15.88Sell$79,400.00
Oct. 26, 2022Director14,540$17.00Sell$247,180.00
Oct. 24, 2022Director14,616$17.01Sell$248,618.16
Oct. 17, 2022Director19,944$16.05Sell$320,101.20
Oct. 17, 2022Insider5,000$15.98Sell$79,900.00
Oct. 6, 2022Director37,839$16.54Sell$625,857.06
Oct. 4, 2022Director7,700$16.01Sell$123,277.00
June 17, 2022Director19,565$15.14Sell$296,214.10
April 25, 2022CEO20,000$15.18Sell$303,600.00
April 21, 2022CEO25,000$15.24Sell$381,000.00
April 18, 2022Insider30,000$16.28Sell$488,400.00
March 11, 2022CEO56,303$15.91Sell$895,780.73
March 10, 2022Insider27,165$15.71Sell$426,762.15
March 10, 2022CFO12,823$15.55Sell$199,397.65
Feb. 9, 2022Insider383$12.68Sell$4,856.44
July 13, 2021Insider2,631$16.98Sell$44,674.38
June 3, 2021Insider9,492$21.96Sell$208,444.32
June 2, 2021CEO33,260$21.64Sell$719,746.40
June 1, 2021Insider14,000$23.01Sell$322,140.00
May 7, 2021Insider5,416$23.52Sell$127,384.32
May 5, 2021Insider15,000$23.98Sell$359,700.00
May 3, 2021Insider15,000$24.59Sell$368,850.00
April 26, 2021CFO27,339$25.80Sell$705,346.20
April 22, 2021CFO30,000$26.84Sell$805,200.00
June 27, 2019Major Shareholder699,475$2.69Sell$1,881,587.75
June 25, 2019Major Shareholder454,261$4.59Sell$2,085,057.99
June 21, 2019Major Shareholder339,537$4.62Sell$1,568,660.94
May 10, 2019Major Shareholder614,710$6.13Sell$3,768,172.30
Oct. 22, 2018Director372,093$10.75Buy$3,999,999.75
Oct. 4, 2018Director7,100$14.00Buy$99,400.00
Aug. 23, 2018Director6,600$15.00Buy$99,000.00
Aug. 15, 2018Director6,250$15.97Buy$99,812.50
June 12, 2018Insider5,000$20.00Sell$100,000.00
May 18, 2018Insider10,000$20.00Sell$200,000.00
May 16, 2018Director500$19.12Buy$9,560.00
May 7, 2018CFO1,250$18.22Buy$22,775.00
April 6, 2018Director26,700$16.54Buy$441,618.00
April 6, 2018CFO1,250$16.59Buy$20,737.50
April 5, 2018Insider10,000$16.75Buy$167,500.00
Aug. 16, 2017Director108,601$23.02Buy$2,499,995.02
March 2, 2017Major Shareholder425,000$30.82Sell$13,098,500.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Aclaris Therapeutics Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Aclaris Therapeutics Inc are: Ra Capital Management, Llc, Kamil Ali-Jackson, Joseph Monahan, Neal Walker, Andrew N Schiff, Frank Ruffo, James E Flynn, Stephen A Tullman, David N Gordon, Ventures Fund Vii L.P. Vivo, Anand Mehra, James Loerop, Vivo Ventures Vii, Llc, Andrew Kenneth William Powell, Andrew N. Schiff, Douglas J Manion, Fmr Llc, Kevin Balthaser, Sofinnova Venture Partners Vii, and Albert Cha

  • The most active insider trader at Aclaris Therapeutics Inc is Ra Capital Management, Llc with 9 trades.

  • Ventures Fund Vii L.P. Vivo has sold the most Aclaris Therapeutics Inc stock with a total value of $47,104,278.84.

  • Ra Capital Management, Llc has bought the most Aclaris Therapeutics Inc stock with a total value of $30,729,334.10.

  • The most recent insider trade for Aclaris Therapeutics Inc was on Aug. 28, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Aclaris Therapeutics Inc was from Ra Capital Management, Llc with a total value of $24,295,231.80 on Oct. 8, 2015.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Aclaris Therapeutics Inc was from Anand Mehra with a total value of $21,187,500.00 on Jan. 10, 2017.