Axcelis Technologies Inc (ACLS) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $589,317.22
Total insider sells:
  • $71,559,810.31
Most recent insider trade:
  • Feb. 23, 2024
Most active insider trader:
  • Mary G Puma
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Feb. 23, 2024EVP500$111.04Buy$55,520.00
Nov. 10, 2023Director500$130.43Sell$65,215.00
Sept. 14, 2023EVP600$180.18Sell$108,108.00
Aug. 7, 2023EVP375$177.45Sell$66,543.75
June 12, 2023Insider11,800$181.80Sell$2,145,240.00
June 12, 2023Director900$177.41Sell$159,669.00
June 9, 2023EVP400$175.00Sell$70,000.00
June 7, 2023VP1,584$172.73Sell$273,604.32
June 7, 2023Insider21,701$173.58Sell$3,766,859.58
June 6, 2023Director1,000$163.50Sell$163,500.00
May 26, 2023EVP200$153.00Sell$30,600.00
May 25, 2023Director1,000$152.21Sell$152,210.00
May 18, 2023Insider8,578$141.52Sell$1,213,958.56
May 18, 2023VP2,410$141.55Sell$341,135.50
May 18, 2023Director2,689$138.69Sell$372,937.41
May 17, 2023EVP1,000$135.00Sell$135,000.00
May 16, 2023CEO8,309$130.76Sell$1,086,484.84
May 16, 2023CFO6,505$130.84Sell$851,114.20
May 16, 2023VP4,120$129.84Sell$534,940.80
May 15, 2023Director3,000$126.07Sell$378,210.00
May 11, 2023Insider21,705$125.00Sell$2,713,125.00
May 11, 2023CFO10,546$125.06Sell$1,318,882.76
May 10, 2023EVP5,734$122.00Sell$699,548.00
May 9, 2023Director10,000$118.50Sell$1,185,000.00
Dec. 8, 2022CEO4,202$80.31Sell$337,462.62
Dec. 5, 2022CEO2,697$80.12Sell$216,083.64
Dec. 1, 2022CEO1,500$80.02Sell$120,030.00
Nov. 30, 2022Director1,000$79.00Sell$79,000.00
Nov. 28, 2022EVP350$76.52Sell$26,782.00
Nov. 23, 2022CEO3,998$80.01Sell$319,879.98
Nov. 15, 2022VP3,563$79.00Sell$281,477.00
Nov. 15, 2022CFO6,500$79.26Sell$515,190.00
Nov. 10, 2022EVP7,700$73.64Sell$567,028.00
Nov. 10, 2022Director2,000$74.02Sell$148,040.00
Aug. 25, 2022Director2,000$79.37Sell$158,740.00
Aug. 15, 2022CFO9,461$75.35Sell$712,886.35
Aug. 12, 2022CEO13,288$75.94Sell$1,009,090.72
Aug. 12, 2022VP3,787$75.50Sell$285,918.50
Aug. 11, 2022EVP13,289$71.20Sell$946,176.80
March 16, 2022CEO11,000$69.23Sell$761,530.00
March 2, 2022CFO8,636$70.89Sell$612,206.04
Feb. 25, 2022Director3,000$69.05Sell$207,150.00
Feb. 10, 2022Director3,000$72.81Sell$218,430.00
Dec. 8, 2021Director3,000$69.00Sell$207,000.00
Nov. 22, 2021Director3,497$64.58Sell$225,836.26
Nov. 11, 2021CEO1,000$62.06Sell$62,060.00
Nov. 8, 2021VP6,329$62.27Sell$394,106.83
Nov. 8, 2021EVP1,217$62.41Sell$75,952.97
Aug. 30, 2021Director3,500$50.32Sell$176,120.00
Aug. 30, 2021EVP3,305$50.63Sell$167,332.15
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Axcelis Technologies Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Axcelis Technologies Inc are: Mary G Puma, Douglas A Lawson, Lynnette C Fallon, Joseph P Keithley, William J. Bintz, Kevin J Brewer, Kevin J. Brewer, William J Bintz, Lynnette C. Fallon, John T Kurtzweil, Mary G. Puma, Douglas A. Lawson, R John Fletcher, Arthur L George Jr, John E. Aldeborgh, John T. Kurtzweil, Russell Low, Dennis Thomas St, Joseph P. Keithley, Stephen R Hardis, Greg Redinbo, Barbara J Lundberg, Jorge Titinger, Tzu Yin Chiu, William C Jennings, H Brian Thompson, and Jeanne Quirk

  • The most active insider trader at Axcelis Technologies Inc is Mary G Puma with 15 trades.

  • Mary G Puma has sold the most Axcelis Technologies Inc stock with a total value of $15,301,937.92.

  • Mary G. Puma has bought the most Axcelis Technologies Inc stock with a total value of $188,800.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Axcelis Technologies Inc was on Feb. 23, 2024.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Axcelis Technologies Inc was from Mary G. Puma with a total value of $94,400.00 on Nov. 9, 2015.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Axcelis Technologies Inc was from Mary G. Puma with a total value of $3,946,875.00 on May 11, 2017.